It there was anything to write about Pakistan, it would be that sole journey made in April of 1996 that realistically could have been related to on this page. Other than that, it will never be anything by plagiarized content. So here goes.

Karachi hotel1
View from the hotel

It was for business and I had flown direct from Singapore to Karachi and was met by the GM of the market. For the duration of my stay in the city, I put up at the Sheraton. Needless to say, security was rather tight. Could not see anyone being there for touristic purposes with all the concerns at that time (and perhaps still now). Maybe the odd climber or trekker on the way to the Hindu Kush or trying to surmount K2.

Anyway, it was interesting days to always drive past a Gun turret located in the middle of the busy intersection in front of the hotel. Locations where western guests are concentrated are obvious targets then as they are now.

Typical Pakistan transportOne thing I did manage to take away was the beautifully decorated buses that ply the roads. It seems like the norm for passengers to simply climb onboard and onto the roof of the bus. At least they seemed happy enough to wave back at me!

Perhaps the only other thing I can mention was the culture shock I had on when folks in this part of the world have dinner. It’s 9 or 10pm in the night! Being at a restaurant at 8pm was so abnormal that we were the only ones… but one things is for sure, I had Dahl with local flat bread for breakfast every morning when I was in Karachi. It was one the meals that I cannot forget. Perhaps one day will be back there again, maybe not for business but hopefully for some touristic activity.

August 2016

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