Rental cars over the years

The freedom of the open road. Cool wind in your hair, warm sunshine on your face… ahhh…. ptui ptui! More likely than not you might get lots of sand, dirt and bugs in your face. And if you’re not careful, in the eye too!

That said, driving is fun. We are sure the many folks who do road trips will agree with us. And that’s why we thought it fun to share a little slide show of the many rentals we picked up over the years.

Wow. From luxury models to basic sedans, we’ve had the privilege of ‘test driving’ these vehicles over several days or weeks. Most recently we rented while on a week’s drive around the western side of Sicily. Oh such freedom to get around without constraint… oh well the only being finding parking.

Don’t you love road trips?

What inspires you to travel?

Probably been asked many times over in posts as far as you can read. And each one of us who reads this will have differing, even if slightly differing in the motivations behind embarking on journeys.

You might know that we came to travel because mainly of work. Many years ago when we were much younger, we had the good fortune of spending quite many years outside our home country. It was during those heady days of being an expatriate that we enjoyed getting around much of central and western Europe. But even before that, we had enjoyed annual ‘pilgrimages’ of travel journeys.

That long stint abroad reinforced the passion to go see as much of the world as we can. But as you will know, one cannot continue to simply travel around with reckless abandon unless there is a trust fund waiting to fund you.

Thus our lives have become a little more “balanced” between working for a living and taking journeys as it fits the schedule. Not so easy in hectic jobs right? Absolutely! But deep inside as we read the stories of folks journeying around the world with seemingly no obligations, we feel such a sense of jealousy. Well, we had our time a little earlier…

So what’s YOUR inspiration?

Time after Time

This post was inspired after watching some re-runs on local free-to-air channels on television. Yeah, what can you expect from public broadcasting right?


The movie was ‘Jupiter Rising’. Not that we are into the details of the movie, but one of the dialogues caught our imagination. You see, the dialogue went something along these lines: “In your world, people are used to fighting for resources… like oil, or minerals, or land. But when you have access to the vastness of space, you realize there’s only one resource worth fighting over… even killing for: More time. Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe“.


We’ve often said time and again on this blog that it is but the only precious commodity that one cannot store, put away or save for later use. It ticks past you, and it’s gone. This is what inspired us to look forward to each day be it at work or play. Yeah, times will be hard at work and sometimes downright hell. But if one has to be at it, why not make it a good one?

Don’t you now feel inspired to make the most of each and every day of your life?

Road trip to nowhere

In our part of the world, there used to be cruise ships that take their passengers out into the “high seas” and then seemingly follow a circuitous route back to port. Did you know what these passengers were aboard for?


Well, in this part of the world there is a penchant for wager. And with few licensed gambling venues (back in the day), gaming on ships out in international waters was one way. But you know we are not delving into this subject although it can an intriguing area to debate. Rather, it is about the fact that one could simply be on a road trip without a destination.

We wrote sometime back about how some folks are meticulous planners, yet others are more spontaneous (here). It can be ‘hilarious’ when folks of very opposing end of the spectrum come together for a journey…. trust us. Been there, done that. But we managed to emerge stronger which explains why this blog exists with all the constant sharing of photos from travels past.

But we can also be in a journey to nowhere in life too! Would that be what jumped into your mind when you first read the title of the post? SO let’s pause here.

And re-direct the question back to you who is reading this. Have you been on a journey to nowhere before?

Can one buy antiques in China?

Yes you should know it. Or at least if you had been reading previously, you’d know that while Mel works as a corporate drone in the day (and quite some nights), at other times he turns into a antiquities and history buff.

And lest you think it was just stuff that he is interested in, get this; Mel also looks at the places where vintage stuff are offered as part of antiquities. The sights, sounds and smells (really? Yep, try old furniture…) of an antique market in itself IS a piece of heritage in itself. Don’t you agree?

For all the folks who congregated in those spots, coming weekly, daily or even living in the same spot offering passers-by a piece of history. They constitute something that cannot be easily described. Last year (July 2017), our little red dot’s oldest flea market closed to make way for redevelopment of the site it was located.

Having lived in the metropolis of Shanghai for four years, we were witness to many a change that occurred on a near daily basis. Quite some relocated to “swanky” new premises that despite modernity seem to us austere, sterile and devoid of the ‘flavor’ of the original markets. What do you think? Should preserving heritage take precedent over development?

Read here all about another piece of old heritage in Shanghai having vanished.  Do you enjoy looking at “old” stuff?

Travel Blog topics

When you first started out blogging, what grandiose plans did you have? Or was it all spontaneous creativity that you believed you had that prompted you to make the leap into blogosphere? Did you have a plan at all?

A number of weeks back, we touched on the subject of writer’s block (here). Somewhere in that post, it was postulated there were a few reasons for the blockage and some ways to overcome them. We also shared how we seem to have an endless supply of posts which is published every 2 days (more often too if we wanted). And it does not include photos only posts… that’s for our instagram account. Even though we are actually very actively working folks. Very. We emphasize that.

So today we are continuing that conversation with the thought of having pre-prepared topics. Sort of like meals ready to eat. Simply heat. Wow, did you see that slogan coming? Would you consider any of the ideas Sabina wrote about here?

Of course one needs to be more creative than simply copying these topics. Remember we also said previously that the things you love to do the most can be an endless source of inspiration and creativity? Well, the trick is to make it so. Tweak these topics to suit your own interest and come up with your own list. Expand them as you go along. Be observant and write your thoughts down. Some of them can be topics too!

Before long, we are sure you will not only have your own reservoir of topics and ideas, but also some to share with others!