Singapore, our home base

Assuming you have read our travel hand print page, being born and raised in Singapore is indeed a blessing for us. And as proud citizens, this page showcases some of the local sites that tourists and Singaporeans alike can enjoy. More here about us!

Its often said here in this tiny country (which we seem to proudly call the little red dot) that most locals do not really appreciate the heritage sites and attractions that we have. We have often heard fellow countrymen say : “the country’s so small you can cover it in a day or two”. Alright, perhaps WE did not appreciate much about our own country…

So while tourists flock to Sentosa, the Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore Zoo and night safari, Little India/Chinatown/Arab quarters/Kampong Glam etc, many Singaporeans go about their lives without a bother.

We want to bring perspective to these sites.

And we will do so by sharing our own experiences at these sites in Singapore that holds cultural or historical value + sprinkle in a dose of locales where tourists may find interesting.

Our hope is that any reader from outside of Singapore will pick up an appreciation of Singapore’s heritage and multicultural, multi-religious society. Where not just tolerance, but real acceptance of differences in ethnicity, language and orientation can truly take place. Our government reminds us through ‘programmes’, often seen through cynical eyes outside of our island. But let’s not kid ourselves. True tolerance and acceptance is not a given. We have to keep working hard at this.

Each month or so, we will post a new sub page under this genre. Hope anyone reading (countrymen or not) will learn something!

Featured attractions of Singapore

Free attractions of Singapore

Off the beaten track attractions of Singapore

March 2016

24 thoughts on “Singapore, our home base”

  1. Hi, I want to take some photos of planes coming and going at Paya Lebar. Is there any place where I can get a good view of the airfield, from a shopping centre car park for example. I know going up to the fence might not be a good idea 🙂
    Hope to get across in a few days. I’m staying in JB for sometime.

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    1. Well, they don’t have many (think no) tall buildings all around the airfield. In any case, none can be constructed in the path of the planes… so good luck looking for them. But if you try the airforce museum, you might get lucky!


              1. I went yesterday. Building going on all around and there’s a convenient high bank where one can see over the fence and the first section of runway. The Museum itself is pretty good and worth the effort – 3 hours from JB KSL on public transport!

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    1. Oh yes it HAS changed. 20 years ago there was the great Asian financial crisis. But since then the island and the region has rebounded. Its almost unrecognizable! Well, not all things – just the touristy ones…

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  2. Hi there fellow Singaporeans! Moony again 🙂 I felt really happy to read your thoughts in this subsection, because I feel a real appreciation of what our country has to offer is needed in the current day. A lot of people either see the ‘touristy’ side, and some locals can be disillusioned by the sometimes frustrating aspects of urban life here. But there is cultural and natural beauty that lies beyond this urban facade. I hope you’ll keep on posting awesome stuff, and I can’t wait to hear more about your travels 🙂 (PS my Wifi crashed the first time so I’m sorry if I accidentally sent this twice)

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    1. That’s true. When you travel and live outside of Singapore for long, you will realise what a cocoon this red dot is…cherish what we have because a lot of people will if they can! If you know what we mean!

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  3. I was in Singapore for 3 days and just got to Bali ! I did not know you are from there! Beautiful place and very similar to Vancouver( my home town)

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