Our journalogs

Updated: we ceased to post journalogs…

Why? Because simply the technical issues in WordPress seems stacked against us. After battling almost 2 years to post in the journalog form we give up… And revert to the handprint format instead. Sigh. That’s life.

Hopefully you would have read the stories in our handprints page (here), it takes content from our private logs of each journey that had been kept private for a long time. We think it best to share the most recent travels in the form of how we normally structure our own travel logs, while leaving the journeys deeper in the past in the form of stories and essays.

So here in our journalog section we are always in a state of constant change and reconstruction. Enjoy the logs and we hope they offer you enough information that may help you plan your own journeys.

These journalogs are only published only from our past journeys in 2015 till 2017. For the journeys that we had before 2015, we will be publishing them under a series of country logs in out travel handprint pages. It’s hard work to transcribe the materials, now we know that blogging can be a job too. Just hope it pays just as well! Enjoy the journalogs !

March 2018

2 thoughts on “Our journalogs”

  1. Wow, you have a really great travel luggage:)So many destinations past and future! I saw that you have been travelling for 20+ years? that means so many stories to be told before 2015 right:)? I have also started my own travel corner at https://egodiary.com/, recently meaning this year, although we’ve been travelling for almost 10 years too, since getting our first paychecks:) But now it’s even better because as I start to tell the stories from the past travels I get to go through the pictures again and remember those beautiful places.
    Cheers from Romania:)

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    1. Yes indeed we have a lot of luggage and photos! LOL. And there is still so many places we have not seen – like Romania!!
      You have a great blog going too. And yes keep writing and sharing because it is stories we all want to read!

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