It is hard to think of Finland as being the home of Santa Claus. However, that did not stop the town of Rovaniemi to style itself as the abode of the large elf. Yes the guy is very tall and we have met him to negotiate about our wishes…he actually came to United Square before. Well on his “off days” before the sleighing we suppose.Adventures in Finland

Finland is a country that is far up in the north of the planet, most of it above the latitude of 60°N. So, pretty much a land that stays in frost and snow for a substantial part of the year. No wonder the Finns enjoy the summer when it get above 18°C!

While Melvin made repeated business trips to Turku, the only journeys where Mel and Suan enjoyed real travel was the two occasions from the time moved to Europe. Combined with work, we planned and enjoyed a beautiful early winter.

Actually the best time to coincide a winter visit to Finland should be in the end January to February months. One should be able to combine it with a hunt for the auroras, though the dimming has been cited to begin since 2014.

Please enjoy the two essays where we share our adventures, first in Santa’s home (read here for more) and then the “big cities” of Helsinki and Turku.

November 2001 / April 2002

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