The MRT series – Punggol (NE17)

The final point of the Northeast line! Well this current (yes an extension is being considered) terminus of the MRT line also brings a lot of memories back for Mel. He who spent weekends taking a bus to Punggol village set by the sea. Why? For canoeing practice (not kayaking like now) to be an instructor!

Where once you had to canoe to it, Coney island is now connected to the mainland. And like Sengkang, the entire place has become an oasis of nature. Mel enjoyed the sunrise tremendously and we are sure you will too when you come.

←Sengkang (NE16)

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The MRT series – Sengkang (NE16)

Another of the ‘gangs’ (港)… did you remember our post of Choa Chu Kang (here)? Well this is yet another old fishing village from yesteryear of our little red dot. The little harbour along the Serangoon river is named as a prosperous one (盛港), perhaps an indicator of the times.

Today it has beautifully manicured parks and gardens set amidst the new apartment buildings. Nature is close at hand for a walk and one can jump onto a light rail should it become too onerous. It is a little far from town, but hey it’s a piece of tranquillity from the maddening business district!

←Buangkok (NE15)

→Punggol (NE17)

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The MRT series – Buangkok (NE15)

Did you know that Buangkok is said to be the location of Singapore’s last kampong (malay for village)? It was all in the news some time back. To be honest, getting there from the station is quite a walk. But well worth it… a conserved area it is said.

Today the area all around the station are newly built public apartments. And it is terribly close to the light rail that serves a loop linking to the next MRT station of Sengkang. But definitely worth a trip to see how our little red dot’s kampong looks like!

←Hougang (NE14)

→Sengkang (NE16)

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The MRT series – Hougang (NE14)

Also known as another bastion of the Teochew Chinese dialect community, one of the distinctiveness here is that quite some of the government built apartments have semi-circle balconies… did you notice that?

One of the other notorious events that happened here is one of the first bomb hoaxes our little red dot experienced. Back in 2005, that incident for several hours… not prizes for guessing what happened to the perpetrator. Heheh… don’t play play or you will pay a huge price!

←Kovan (NE13)

→Buangkok (NE15)

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Parks and gardens of Singapore

You might know that our little red dot is a garden city, more precisely the government wants to turn it into a city within a garden. You might have read about how our little island have linked up various parks into a walking trail that one can ‘hike’ on (here). And you might on occasion of reading our MRT series (here), come across photos of parks and gardens.

Indeed if one were to try counting how many parks/gardens we have on this island, one could get confused. Sort of like a kungfu master asking you to count mixed up brown and white rice with chopsticks… heheh. Not sure if they really do that, but some slapstick movies apparently suggest so.

But we digress.

We’re about to start exploring more of our island gardens for a new series. One that examines the parks and gardens, green spots in the little red dot. Wow. Can you imagine that? Have you counted the number of gardens and parks in your hometown?


The MRT series – Kovan (NE13)

If you look up literature about the area around this station, they might say the place was the abode of the Teochew Chinese dialect community. But you should know that this was in the past. Today one of the things that fascinated Mel as he walked around the neighbourhood was not the dominance of private homes but nurseries and florists.

In fact, there was a steady stream of folks driving or walking to these establishments to browse and make purchase in that early Sunday morning Mel was there for his walk. You might find these nurseries rather interesting too!

←Serangoon (NE12)

→Hougang (NE14)

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