Treetops @ MacRitchie

Yeah we know there are other treetop walks elsewhere in the world. But this is one more place which you can enjoy for free. Open daily from 8:30am except for Mondays unless it is a public holiday, this is accessible after an approximate 2½ kilometer walk. You can read more about how to get to the start of the trail here.The walk to the treetops

Starting from Windsor nature park, it is brisk stroll along paved walkway – well they call them trails. Entrance from Windsor parkThere mud and stone trails though for real. And for some part of the walk the incline can be quite steep. Especially the final ascent to the entrance of the tree top walk.

It is quite popular. Many folks come here – couples, families and groups of friends. Definitely lots of joggers too, those that enjoy cross country runs. Come to think about it, Mel did that too in school too though those are distant memories.

Now, there are said to be more than 20km of trails all over. And they are pretty well signposted too. We were on the squirrel trail, one that hugs closely to the road leading to a local golf club. Treetop entrance 2Continue onto a short stretch of paved road that lead to the Bukit Kulang reservoir and then up a very steep stretch to the entrance of the walkway. Lots of folks were waiting for opening times.

Important to note that the treetop walk if uni-direction only. The end of walk is a gate that cannot be opened from the other side. Do note that the entrance closes 5pm sharp. With a length of 250m, it is suspended 25m above the forest floor. In the distant would be the reservoir itself, and some people come to observe the birdlife. If there is one complaint, it would be the fact that the walkway is only suitable for a single person. So if you want to get past folks who decide to stop, it can be a little “squeezy”…

The way out of the walkway is the Petaling trail which goes up and down. Quite a challenging walk actually. Because we were headed to the Jelutong tower, a 7-storey structure that provides a panorama of the surrounding canopy too.

It may come as a surprise, but when walking around one may find vestiges of old Singapore – such as this old bridge.Old stone bridge Such is the hidden histories of our little red dot. If only we dig a little deeper. Who knows what else we can find?

October 2018

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