Fly me to the Maldives

Fly me to Maldives and let me play amongst the clouds. Let’s see what its tropical wonders are all about. In other words, hold my breadth. In other words, luxe is waiting…Fill my days with sun and cloudless days forever more, do come here when there is none of the monsoon pours…

This one’s about the seaplane flight from Male to our resort in beautiful Velavaru in the south Nilandhe atoll group (~140km away) and definitely too far for speed boat!

The flights are invariably in the day time, since it would be too risky to try landing a seaplane in the dark. So, you kind of lose a day doing this. But take heart, if you sit (and it’s free seating) by the window facing AWAY from the direction of the sun, you will be justly rewarded. So take note of the flight direction and strategize accordingly.

The landing is just as exciting, or for us even more.

Remember we did say choose wisely when it comes to over the water bungalows…

Tell us your thoughts!

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