For us we stick with the definition of Midtown stretching from 15th street until the southern edge of Central Park.

Midtown map1

While not as “historical” as downtown (here), Midtown is the home of the majority of its skyscrapers, both iconic and simply magnificent. It is also where one can get up for a full view of the city.

If one wants art, culture or shopping, it will be found here. In some ways this is the part of the city that truly never sleeps. Because one can be at shows till well past midnight. In any case the count down here is definitely well past to the next day!

So one looks out over the internet one will find so much about the city. Thus this is not a handprint story in the traditional sense. It’s more like our handprint gallery of the places we have touched when in this part of the big Apple. And where we can, we shall add a little spice to it too. Where there is a √, it means we’ve touched it and where there is none…well soon enough.

List of Attractions:

Chrysler building Empire State building √ Flatiron building √
Grand Central Station √ Fifth Avenue √ Highline √
Madison Square garden New York Public library Times Square/Broadway √
Top of the rock √ USS Intrepid museum United Nations √

Empire State. Went up and spent quite a bit of time looking over the skyline of the city. A good vantage point though for us the wire mesh was quite a hindrance for a good photo. Who knows? Things might have changed since then.

Flatiron building. For us there was really nothing around here ‘touristically’ speaking, so it was a photo shoot and leave.

Flatiron Building 37
Wonder how the office view would be?

Intriguing thought about how the office of the folks in the “sharp” end of the building could be like… how do they arrange the furniture and desks? It could be one thing to find out some day. Wonder if it would be possible to get into the building as a visitor and see?

Grand Central Terminal6
Coming through!

Grand Central station is beautiful indeed. Probably why it got its name. No wonder so many folks come here to take photos. But it is an operating station, so lots of people commute through every day!

Shopping on Fifth avenue used to be fun. But nowadays it is all high end brands with little for folks from earth to buy…

What we were inspired to do was to take a photo from almost the same spot. It showed that not that much has changed, perhaps the brands of the outlets that lined the street.

The Highline17
It Melted in our mouths

The Highline is new for us. Wasn’t there till a few years back. So this was a new experience for us to walk on once derelict rail lines that was so close to the buildings.

The Highline23
A fine garden

Imagine how it would be like to have the train ramble past with the creaky gauges. And when it was decommissioned, the sight of overgrown vegetation overrunning it with the rusted lines must had been such a scar on the city. Well, no more.

Timesquare 9
Cannot miss this iconic square

Now who can skip Times Square. Even if we knew getting here for the countdown would be next to impossible! One thing though. Never been to a show here at broadway! Wow. That should thus get on the bucket list don’t you think? And it was fortuitous that four (yes) New York mounted policemen were there posing for Suan. Nice!

Finally scaled the Top of the rock, albeit using the lifts! Wonderful views in our opinion and certainly a much better experience than the Empire State. Saw Central Park from up high for the first time here! Definitely a recommend for anyone who wants to see the city from a bird’s view.

We went to the General assembly of the United Nations to attend….. and excursion! LOL. For a moment we thought the assembly means the delegates have to prepared for a fire drill…LOL. Technically we are not on US soil when in the UN area but fortunately there isn’t customs and border control. Imagine that. And it has been a while, thus we are sure flags have changed since we visited.

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That all! For now. Next – Up Town!

Tell us your thoughts!

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