Helsinki, modern capital

We only spent a day in Helsinki, as it was more of a stopover on our way to the arctic north (read more here). Having flown in from Copenhagen the previous night, we had a compressed day, before heading back to the airport for our flight to Rovaniemi.

Capital Helsinki

Helsinki1As a port city on the Baltic sea, it was not the capital until 1812. We started off with a walk in the senate square. Very popular in the summer with the long flight of stairs, it is the office of the Prime Minster and his/her cabinet.

Helsinki3We walked into the Lutheran church that was located opposite it and sat for a while, not because we were worshipping, but because it was -3°C outside!

After a short walk along the north harbor admiring the clippers, we took the bus to Sibelius park, dedicated to this Finnish composer. He is considered one of the most prominent contributors to Finnish literature.Helsinki8 It had been snowing a little in the morning. But it began to snow really heavily.Helsinki7

This is our first real winter experiencing snowfall and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The walk around the park and back to the bus station was enjoyable even as it was freezing cold for us. But then it was time to get to the airport and onward to our arctic adventures…

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