The Caribbean

Ah, The Caribbean.

This sea is famed for its string of beautiful islands. Discovered in 1492, the “New World” was colonized by the Spanish followed by the Portuguese, French, Dutch and English. In the late 1700s, these seas were rough and dangerous – with numerous pirate fleets roaming to fleece the Spanish galleons of their Gold and Silver.

Today, it is a playground for the rich. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy these islands.

Thanks to the large Cruise lines, the Caribbean is now within the reach of one with modest means. The typical cruise lasts for 8 days and follows any of a dozen routes and island stops. Once onboard any of these super-liners, you will be whisked away for an adventurous experience you may have always dreamt of.

Leaving Miami3
Leaving Miami beach behind!

We are on a cruise, leaving the port city of Miami on the southern tip of Florida, going on a circuitous route to Honduras, the Cayman Islands and Mexico before heading back to the United States.

A cruise vacation can be fun, as the ship has designed programs to cater to a wide variety of interests and age groups.

Onboard, you can participate in any of the following:

  • Nightly gala shows at the theatre featuring artistes and various performances.
  • Auction of various items such as art.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions such as one on precious and semi-precious stones.
  • “Swing clinics” for golf enthusiasts or seminars such as health discussions.
  • Games such as: Bingo, Trivia quiz, Win-Lose or Draw.
  • Wellness activities such as Pilates, and step aerobics.
Cabin room3
Our cabin with a balcony

Of course one can also while the time away by soaking the sun on any of the sun decks. You have to be careful though, the Caribbean straddles the equator and too much sun can be damaging!

Then there is the casino onboard – time to meet the one-arm bandit! Now that one you have to be careful with…

At the various port visits, optional tours ashore can be bought. Be sure to book in advance to ensure seating. Some ports of call do not have terminals and require the use of tenders to get ashore. Remember that passengers who booked tours from the ship will get off first.

Cruise map
Our cruise route

Taking a cruise can thus be more than just a relaxing way to enjoy time off from the hectic pace of daily life. As you can imagine, an exotic cruise offers one the opportunity to expand horizons and gain new knowledge.

Do not simply gorge on the buffets and lay in the sun. Take up that notebook and camera and do some exploring!

Read what we did in Belize and who we swam with in the Caymans!

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