We originally intended to have a Norway page, to summarize our journeys made to that long and narrow country. But after determining that our experience warranted a split into three distinct stories, we determined it would only be fair to share them individually:

  • Getting to the fjords. This story is a continuation of our journey from Sweden, when we first toured the Scandinavian countries way back in 1996. The vista is unique and we drove over a mountain road during summer that was still snow on both sides. Read all about it here.
  • Oslo. Like all capital cities, it is the most developed and in this case the most populous too, though that would be a strange word to describe a city with under a million inhabitants in our view… We spent quite some time on our own exploring the city without the group. The story is found here.
  • Quiet Trondheim is all about us redeeming a pair of free air tickets. Yeah the miles were about to expire and we casted around for a place we had not visited. And this was the lot we picked up! Though quiet because it was early spring, the city came to life when we were there. Find out why here.

There you go. These were certainly the days of our lives. Someday, we’ll be back for the aurora borealis. They say its dimming now with the output of the sun coming to a low in the solar cycle. So less charged particles colliding in our atmosphere to create those dazzling lights…

Perhaps we’ll get to Norway again in the late 2020s… meantime,


October 2017