The Long Journey Q4-18

And now, the end is near, and so we face the final curtain issue
My friend, we’ll say it clear, we’ll state our case, of which we’re certain
We’ve lived a life that’s full, we’ve traveled each and every many many highways
But more, much more than this we’re did doin’ it our way…
Here is the link to our final rendition of the Long Journey as a newsletter: link here.

Oh time has truly flown as this tenth year and 40th edition is finally available for publish and reading. Time to bid adieu to this publication. We thank you for your reading and support all this years.

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The Long Journey Q3-18

And we’re back with yet another edition of our quarterly newsletter.

You might notice in the tags we’ve used for this post. Not the ‘Food’ one, but the one for change. As life carries on and circumstances change, surely one have got to be adaptable. Heheh… if the notorious North Korean leader can flip flop like that on a charm offensive (no matter if it is real or not), why not all of us?


Nothing much happened for us in this last 3 months for us except an extension – more like long weekends in Tokyo. Because it was mostly work, there wasn’t much in the way of sights – perhaps the colours of the foods would be it. In a couple of weeks’ time you will have the opportunity to read more about what we did there. Stay tuned. And you might have already read about our more recent short journey to Penang for the food, and some street art…

Read all about tradition and feasting in our latest newsletter here: The Long Journey Q3-2018.

The Long Journey Q2-18

It seems that winter in the northern hemisphere had been a little unpredictable this year. Shovelling snow to clear one’s driveway is perhaps not the idea of a nice winter day… and we hope that this freakish weather is past. Spring is definitely being looked forward to right?


Dear friends,

How has the last 3 months been for you? Have you been traveling much for work? Do take care not to overwork yourself or take too many ‘red eye’ flights… we’ve laid off doing that already. Time to take it slow! We’re sure your air miles will still continue to accrue…

To be honest it had been a lean past 3 months for us. Nothing but work. Even if that means jetting a little about. And Mel had been a little under the weather too. So it had been Suan that’s been doing a little more of the heavy lifting around home. Now you take care too you hear?

Read all about our latest newsletter issue here. Hear about how we once got back to school and cooked out way out.

The Long Journey Q1-18

Just a week back, we welcomed the new year. Today though, we are sharing with you our first newsletter issue for 2018. This is also the tenth and final year in which we will be issuing this quarterly newsletter.


It has been almost a decade, and the fourth issue in October this year will mark our 40th newsletter. Wow. And to think it all started because one of you suggested that we ought to bring to life our travels from a time before blogging became the popular platform and IG an obsession for many. Cannot imagine having started this all these years ago and still having some of you as our faithful readers. Many thanks for your support.

So what has been happening recently?

For one thing we’ve survived. The desert that is. Phew! And we have been awed. It was definitely not a journey that we regret and when our journalogs are published you will surely understand. We are talking about our just concluded journey to Jordan and Israel.

Well we hope you had a wonderful December break too and are freshly rested for the start of yet another exciting year. Here’s our latest issue : The Long Journey Q1-2018. Time to get the engines started again as we roll back into a 9-5 mode.

Let’s all make it a good start to the year!

The Long Journey Q4-17

It would be cliché to say yet again how time flies, but then it really did. Heheh. And now we are into the last months of the year. Oh what a year it had been so far! Having just come back from Hua Hin on our road trip, we have to report that it was a wonderful adventure making that drive. A journalog cometh soon…

And it has been a little more quiet in this last three months. Time to let Bankie recover a little! But that might have to wait. You may recall we’ve been longing to get to Jordan for the longest time right? Well guess what? The group has formed!! Yaaay! It means sometime in the middle of December we shall be waltzing to the airport on the way to another of our bucket list destinations. Woohoo!

But of course that would still be some months away.

We hope you too had a fun filled three months. Even if not traveling a lot, there can still be fun in our own backyard too! Sometime towards the end of the year, we shall make an announcement. It has a lot to do with having fun in your own neighbourhood(s). Look out for it!

Here’s our latest newsletter: The Long Journey Q4-2017. Enjoy!



The Long Journey Q3-17

Bonjour. Good morning (day). Guten Tag. 早晨. Hyvää huomenta. Buongiorno. おはようございます. Selamat Pagi. And the list goes on. If your language is not in this sentence it just means that we’ve come to a stop with the last one that is in Malay. That’s all.

Oh wow. So much has happened in just 6 short months.

The last time we said that time flies. Heheh. We now think that time has warped! Just like Star Trek heroes warping through space and time, it seems like the lunar new year was just over, wallet freshly recovering from the wounds of giving out a plenty of red packets.. 满江红…

So what’s Mel and Suan been up to in these last three months? Work! That’s what we did. After depleting the bank accounts (rather emptying it) late last year and in the first 3 months of the year, it was time to let little ‘bankie’ to recover. But work also brought us places May through to June so Bankie might need a little more time to recuperate. Yes we name our bank account too just like the car we used to drive (we are car-lite now yeah!). We thought using money as part of the naming would be fun but “monkie” doesn’t quite appeal phoentically. LOL.

Not being in Singapore meant we did not receive any visitors either….sigh. But we did catch up with friends in the big Apple though… Our latest newsletter is here: The Long Journey Q3-2017! Take a peek.

What’s next?

Sometime in September if we get the slot, we’d finally touch Hua Hin through the use of the timeshare apartment instead of heading to Phuket or Chiang Mai. And we shall road trip there too! Heheh, we have also just placed bookings for a journey to the land of the prophets at the end of the year. Yes – Jordan here we come, although Israel is included too. Bankie will surely be exhausted by then. Again.

What are your plans for the 2nd half of this year?