Not known as a mecca of tourism, Uptown’s principal area of attraction is around the largest patch of greenery in the entire city. Yes we are talking about Central park.Uptown Manhattan Map

It stays true to its original intent – ie to provide the people of the city a place of green solitude, away from the stresses, sounds and smells of urban life. An oasis from which to escape to.

And so our exploration of this part of NYC was (is) also centered around this green space.

To be honest it has also been known to be a tough part of the city. And we had been advised in the past not to venture too far north. But that is slowly changing, and we hope it will be revitalized faster!

Central Park - tunnel1
Isn’t this iconic?

Again this is not a handprint story in the traditional sense and more like our handprint gallery of the places we have touched when in this part of the big Apple. And where we can, we shall add a little spice to it too. Where there is a √, it means we’ve touched it and where there is none…well soon enough.

List of Attractions:

Central Park √ Guggenheim Museum The Met √
Belvedere Castle √ Bethesda fountain/terrace Central Park Zoo
Greyshot Arch Hernshead Umpire Rock

Central Park has to be explored in depth. And it is not one place. Well, it’s rather large. Belvedere Castle is called a ‘folly’, you knew that right?

Central Park - Belvedere Castle 6
A castle in Manhattan?

Do you know what it means?

Central Park - Belvedere Castle 3
Like a mirror!

Anyway, the turtle pond in front of it makes for excellent photos with the reflections of the sky. Cloudy or not when there is no wind the water is as smooth as a sheet of glass. And that makes for wonderful photography.

Central Park - Swedish House 3
Come see a play!

Now we’ve not been INSIDE the Swiss cottage Marionette for a puppet show yet, but we have walked around and around it. Perhaps you might have been to the show before?

Central Park - Great Lawn
Or play at the great lawn

How could you not walk and enjoy the great lawn? Here people Frisbee their dogs, we mean throw the thing for their dog to fetch… and play softball too… Fore! Oops, that’s for golfers…

Central Park - Obelisk2
This one’s constructed 1475BC

On weekends there is such a crowd. And did you know that there is an Egyptian obelisk in the park too? Yep, it’s Cleopatra’s needle. A real one we might add, one that was given to the US by Egypt in 1880. So yes there is more than ancient art in the Met, there is ancient history out there in the park too!

You know, we were too busy looking at the exhibits than to take pictures while in the Met. So it was only a lone photo of the outside plus some of the hall inside. LOL. Museum mile they call it. And when one have a full day, it is one place to spend it.

That all! For now. We’ve also shared our story for the other parts of the city. Do you fancy more about downtown? How about Midtown?

Tell us your thoughts!

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