Wacky Postal boxes

You’ve got mail!

In the “old” days, we used to receive letters, postcards and parcels in our mail boxes. SpongeBob mailboxNot the digital one. Real physical boxes where someone called a postman or courier will place the snail mail. Something funny for today.

← This one sure does not look like someone living in a pineapple under the sea. Though still yellow and porous and absorbant as he.

You see, they might just become antiques. Because most folks hardly send snail mail… Or worse, hardly write anymore – as in using a pen and paper. So it was a pleasure to see how some folks decorate their mailboxes here.

We especially like the Sponge Bob one. Would you live in a pineapple under the sea? And did you see the one that where the mail has to be placed through the rear end of an ass? Piqued your interest to take a peek?

Could they be destinations in themselves? When was the last time you picked up the mail from a mailbox?

Witty names & naughty cats

Just had to find some humour today.

If you had a boat, what would you call her? Curious catPerhaps here are some names you might consider. We like the boat whose owner could not decide what name to give to the vessel… take a day out with the boat? Feeling Nauti?

You might have watched the animated feature “the secret lives of pets”. And here are some cats trying very hard to get into their owner’s laptop… wonder why. Are they out to steal credit card numbers? What do you think is really happening in their heads?

Weigh yourself before getting on a plane

What has weighing you before you get on the plane anything to do with safety? You might recall that sometime back we wrote about a hilarious announcement some years back by an airline seeking passengers relieve themselves before boarding the plane. And you might have also read about some Pacific carriers selling airticket seats by weight in articles some years back…

But what if a mainline carrier in Europe starts to ask you to step up to a weighing machine (read here)? It was voluntary of course. What would zip through your mind and what will your response be?

If you re-read the first paragraph and pull a link between them, you might think that the airlines were trying to manage excess weight on the flights. And remember, the heavier the plane is, the more fuel it will need to use. Afterall it takes energy to move things around right?

However is there a higher purpose to all of this? If you had read the link above, you might know now that the weight that a plane carries is based on estimates. And it is critical just like a ship on the high seas to have a reliable understanding of the weight load that the plane has to carry. Not just for fuel consumption, but also for potential distribution of weight on the plane. You did read the part where it says folks in first class weigh more than economy right?

Can you imagine if the weight too frontloaded on the plane?

Anyhow. The next time your airline asks you to volunteer to be weighed with all you carryon luggage you know why.

Are we there yet?

Have you ever asked this question before? Or have you been asked this question. We’ve read, watched and even witnessed real life manifestation of this query being put forth to hapless adults, often by the little ones.

But what if the little one asking the question was not a child of say – 7, but a child say 30? or 47?


We’re addressing the fact that we all become children, excited and chatty when on is about to embark on what one considers an ‘epic’ journey. Perhaps we do not ask the same question but would it not be the same to ask “what time is it? is it time to go?“. Many times over a very short period of time – say an hour. We think the solutions pro-offered in this post can also be applied to adults, or ‘children’ above the age of 21. Did not read the link?

Let us enlighten you with some nuggets we find interesting.

You might want to consider doing a lot of sleeping while you are in the air on the way in that ‘epic’ journey. And make sure you watch a few movies or play games. If you are doing these, break the activities up to make it stretch out. Of course this is only if you are on a journey that takes more than just a few hours.

But what about those who hit the road jack (not on a coach) driving and coming back no more? We found that putting in a list of songs and singing along with it helps a lot. That’s what they said! Which is why you might see a lot of hidden references (some more obvious than others) to songs in our writings. Did you spot any of them?

But we also have another dimension to look at when examining this age-old query posed by excited younglings. We set out to have our handprints across the world. Are you trying to do the same? Are you there yet?

Cat in a bag

Wow. The things that they keep coming up with. You know animals have rights too (to some folks and not all). You cannot simply keep your pets in shabby conditions (absolutely agree). Afterall, it is part of your responsibility when you have a pet. But what about pampering your pet?

Now if you want to give your little kitty a view as you lug it around, perhaps buy one of these bags (here). Can you imagine buying this bag for your cat? It ain’t cheap btw and we spoke with one owner as we waited for the taxi one day.

But today we are not focused on getting the bag. Or the cat.

Well, ok sort of related. We are talking about folks bringing their pets with them on a journey. Did you know that as many as 56% of US pet owners have driven their dogs around at least once a month? Sure the regular visit to the vet is important, but quite some bring their pets with them on a road trip. Does the image of a dog sticking its head out of the window tongue drooling pop in your head?

How about air travel? Now that’s less frequent (phew) but still at 6% is quite high. Imagine this percentage of the 78+ million dogs in the US getting on a plane every year. Did the math in your head? Remember our piece on emotional support animals? Some of them actually have jobs too you will know. Which do you think is easier to bring along? The cat? Or the dog?

Do you have a pet? Have your brought it with you on a road trip or onto a plane?

It’s your case!

Something funny today finally. And it will be a short one.

You all know about luggage cases that all look the same. Some folks put on straps, others stick to using tags. Of course the more enterprising ones will use case covers. You know, the ones that strap over the luggage case. Originally intended to protect the case from scratches, one company has upped the game and determined to print case covers in your liking (read here)… heheh.

Funny case

Would you have your face printed and strapped on your luggage?