Our private writings

We have written previously that this blog contains but a fraction of our private writings. Since the late 90s we had been writing about each of our travel journeys. In those early days we actually printed them out and bound them into volumes. Don’t believe us?

Heheh… well here’s proof:Travel logsLong Journey

You see, first we have a large collection of books. Then we have our own ‘publications’. Not that you will see them on the shelves of the nearby bookstore anytime soon though. Heheh. The only thing is that as time went by the volumes got thicker and the number of years included in each became less.


Because each story got lengthier. The transition was made from film to digital (remember this post?) and we started to dig deeper into the destinations that we touched, such as the food we ate etc… you get the picture (no pun intended)… Today we have completed three volumes that exceed 1500 pages. Volume 4 is on the way and probably due by 2021. Only folks who physically visit our home get to read these volumes and the corresponding beautiful photo albums Suan produce.

Coincidentally the name of our private volumes are the same as the recently concluded newsletter. Recently we have started a new monthly circular aptly named “New Horizons”. But it is privately circulated and not published.

As social media continues to evolve, we are beginning to witness the rise of private groups and networks that are not public. Are you catching on to that too?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

2 thoughts on “Our private writings”

  1. Hello, it’s been a long time since I logged onto WordPress. I have been super busy since moving to Japan a year ago and sadly I haven’t been able to interact with you both much.

    I think your bound travel volumes are fantastic. Not only are they bound but I can see you took time to edit it well with photos and words.

    Actually; this is a relationship goal for me, I wish I had a partner who would enjoy traveling and photographing / writing about it. So it is very touching to see your books.

    I also read your post about leaving WordPress. I think you are right, life moves on and things change. I feel that WordPress community changed a lot since I first found it.

    I think your decision to focus on your other life projects makes sense and I hope you can continue to find a good community with what you do next.

    We didn’t interact too much, but i very much enjoyed coming across you and seeing / learning about your travels and Singapore.

    Wish you a lot of success 🙂



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