What can you not live without while traveling?

Recently we read an article that focused on the Duchess of Sussex. As you all might know, Mel & Suan are republicans – ie we are do not believe in nobility. But the article was not about all of those things. It was all about what the Duchess said she cannot do without while on journeys.

Did not read the article?

Well, let us summarize for you. Essentially the commoner turned duchess shared her personal tips for travel, including what she would bring with her to meet exigencies that may crop up. Such as little nicks and stings.

Mel has a sinus issue that acts up whenever the plane descends. The pressure somehow acts on his inner ears that cause severe pain. So much that he’d have a headache that might lead to a flu later on… knock on effects one might say. So what is his panacea? A couple of pairs of ear plugs. It also helps reduce the noise beating on one’s ear drums (yeah it can get to 105 decibels at takeoff).

So what are the things that you cannot “live” without while on a journey?

The MRT series – Buangkok (NE15)

Did you know that Buangkok is said to be the location of Singapore’s last kampong (malay for village)? It was all in the news some time back. To be honest, getting there from the station is quite a walk. But well worth it… a conserved area it is said.

Today the area all around the station are newly built public apartments. And it is terribly close to the light rail that serves a loop linking to the next MRT station of Sengkang. But definitely worth a trip to see how our little red dot’s kampong looks like!

←Hougang (NE14)

→Sengkang (NE16)

Part of the MRT series here.

Honeymooning all over again

Heheh… well you might think we are writing about us going on a second honeymoon again after being married for more than 20 years… One thing is for sure, the way we travel regularly each and every year since we’ve been hitched can surely be counted as honeymooning each time?

Anyhow, we wrote a fair number of times about honeymoons and about cherishing the people you love (here and here).

We figured it was time yet again to remind all about the importance of looking those close to your heart. Not that grandiose ideas about saving and loving earth are not important, but charity does begin at home.

You might have noticed recently that we’ve stopped responding to comments or reading blogs of other good folks. Well there are good reasons. For one thing we are really busy with a real life (of work and leisure) that we’ve not been logging into the wordpress account. Heheh… you heard that right! And that this post was actually penned sometime in December last year. Again it has been scheduled forward. We’ve been spending time cherishing each other!

Rental cars over the years

The freedom of the open road. Cool wind in your hair, warm sunshine on your face… ahhh…. ptui ptui! More likely than not you might get lots of sand, dirt and bugs in your face. And if you’re not careful, in the eye too!

That said, driving is fun. We are sure the many folks who do road trips will agree with us. And that’s why we thought it fun to share a little slide show of the many rentals we picked up over the years.

Wow. From luxury models to basic sedans, we’ve had the privilege of ‘test driving’ these vehicles over several days or weeks. Most recently we rented while on a week’s drive around the western side of Sicily. Oh such freedom to get around without constraint… oh well the only being finding parking.

Don’t you love road trips?

The MRT series – Hougang (NE14)

Also known as another bastion of the Teochew Chinese dialect community, one of the distinctiveness here is that quite some of the government built apartments have semi-circle balconies… did you notice that?

One of the other notorious events that happened here is one of the first bomb hoaxes our little red dot experienced. Back in 2005, that incident for several hours… not prizes for guessing what happened to the perpetrator. Heheh… don’t play play or you will pay a huge price!

←Kovan (NE13)

→Buangkok (NE15)

Part of the MRT series here.

Spa treatments that give you a high?

About 18 months ago we wrote about getting a high from cuisine (here). In that article we shared how opioid use in cuisines are being legalized in some parts of the world. Well, it seems that we are progressing beyond desserts and even into the world of spa treatment.

On a related subject of being ‘high’, some folks find other forms to achieve it.

But today we are not referring to the use of substances which we abhor, but to achieve wellness through natural means. Such as soaking in nutrient rich warm waters and absorbing the goodness that nature has bestowed upon us. Good eh? You will know that good health is first and foremost before anything else. No health surely leads to a path of ill wealth etc.

Enjoy Spa? Well we do. As often as we can when we are in Japan we will frequent these public baths where the rich waters from the depths of the earth can be enjoyed. Do you get a high from spa treatments?