And Now, the end is near

Indeed, we did it our way. You might have read about us (here). And we mentioned that in life we did it the way we liked. Not necessary the outrageous but not exactly the conventional either.

When we started this blog just over three years ago, we were full of energy churning out a post every alternate day. In fact, you might have read about us scheduling posts ahead – sometimes months ahead… (including this post). Yep, that was the amount of energy and commitment we put into this.

But you know situations change.

And just like how fashion trends come and go, new fads and attractions come up. So the new focus in our lives is to concentrate on the last hurrah to accelerate our quest to be financially independent. We had touched on this subject on occasion, but it gets more ‘urgent’ as one hurtles towards the sixth decade of their lives. Yeah, cost of living is going to be higher and career cycles shorter. Time to sharpen those claws and go hunting. And strengthen the streams of income we have outside of having to labour away everyday.

But we are not stopping our writings. You might have read our earlier post that we do an enormous amount of it. Just that ~98% are not shared. Because we are also too cheap to buy space with wordpress to load all of our precious writings and pictures. Plus now that we have a renewed focus, our energies are channelled in another direction.

So it’s not really goodbye as the picture below might suggest, but farewell. Hopefully some the words in our past posts do not fade away for you.



Dumb Travel luck

Oops it happened to us again! Sigh.

What was that we hear you ask?

Not as spacious as SIA but good enough!

On our way up to Bangkok, we had been upgraded to premium economy which to be terribly honest wasn’t much except that it was in the front of the airplane.

We got upgraded again!! This time on our return flight from Bangkok to Singapore. And guess what? Cathay They offered us to take Thai airways as an alternative initially. Because they were well overbooked. You see, this flight originates from Hong Kong with this stopover in Bangkok to pick up passengers like us.

Elegant way to end the journey!

On this occasion however, we were upgraded – to business class! Yep you read that right. Business class with inflight service (meals etc). Could not get into the lounge though…heheh we tried. The alternative they offered would had been a 4pm flight. And we weren’t enamoured to sit around at the airport for 6 hours…so we persisted and the airline was kind enough to accommodate us.

It certainly was a great flight home and we were not the only ones. Seems they upgraded quite a few because the flight was full with tour groups coming in from China via Hong Kong.

Btw, we tested the free airport Wifi in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport. You see, many had complained that you would be sent your login username and password to your registered email account. What most fail to realize is that when that page is shown, you just need to click “login” and start surfing. The email is for future use, so that you do not need to register again…duh.