Wearing your carry-on luggage?

Do you have a peeve about the limited amount of carry-on luggage you are allowed to bring onboard the aircraft? What if someone tell you that the jacket you wear can hold up to 15kg worth of stuff?

Getting to SFO airport
That was just her luggage.

And combined that with a reall carry-on bag, you could almost double the weight of things you can bring with you? Especially in the throes of winter when you already have lots to carry with you…

Look no further. Here’s the ‘airport jacket‘.

If you read the article in the link, you will know that this is yet another ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. With lots of carry-on stemming from traveling with a small child, the inventors tried stuffing all of their things in their pockets to avoid paying extra.

So with 14 deep pockets, this product is said to provide you with the option of stuffing enough things and avoid checking in luggage altogether. Though in our opinion there will be certain things you simply cannot bring with you…such as scissors or shampoo bottles  that exceeds the customary 100ml limit. And so we note that this is probably a product more adept for folks who are on short travel stints.

One practical thing though is that you do not sit with this on throughout the flight. Sure you can, but it will be very very uncomfortable we think. You will still fold it away like any clothing into a “bag” and tuck it beneath your seat in the overhead compartment. Unless you bought a ‘basic economy’ ticket (read here), which would bar you from the privilege of using the overhead storage…

This unfortunately is only at the conceptual phase of development, so cannot run out there and buy one. Venture capital support is required to get this off the ground. Do you think this is a commercial viable product? Would you buy one?

Be careful with that boarding pass

I read this article recently where you are warned not to share you boarding passes on social media, or indeed online.

It is quit true the barcodes on the pass contains quite a fair bit of personal information. Imagine someone being able to decipher all of that! Actually it is easier than we think. If one adds up the name, frequent flyer membership number, flight details and the bar codes, you can triangulate easily who that person is just by a plain search of the internet on say : facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

Gather a little here, a little there. And soon you’re talking about serious identity theft potential.

Sleuths have used less clues to sniff out their targets. And identity theft can be rather devastating. And lest you think this only happens to the aged and offline, beware!

We had experienced this ourselves. In setting up social media accounts, we found that our email had been used before for registration. It was an email that we frequently used for communicating with friends. As really active users, you should be able to notice suspicious activities or tell tale signs.

No matter how sophisticated you are, it pays to be careful.