Crazy Rich Singapore

Yeah, heheh… tapping on a movie that has since long been screened and forgotten we think… But we aren’t really referring about richness in a material sense of our little red dot. Well yes we are on second thought. The richness of places one can come and see, fill albums online or offline etc.

Many have written about the scenes cut out from the movie and how you might be able to get there and feel the vibe of the actors/actresses as they script out the movie. Inspired by one such post (here), we’ve decided (well actually this post was penned in August last year) to show you even better versions of the places depicted in the movie.

If you think Marina bay is cool, then the Marina barrage is cooler. Why? Because it hold water! LOL

Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown or Newton hawker center scenes pales in comparison to the real hawker centers out in the heartlands…

Some might think Fort Canning is such a historic place to visit. But did you you know Labrador park too have them too?

To be honest there isn’t much to gawk at in Sentosa cove. The southern ridges offer far better views.

Peranakan houses depicted in the movies you might not be able to access. The shophouses here at Little India and the vicinity around you can actually buy stuff in and feel the realness.

Instead of getting to the shipyards, why not venture to a Kelong near Pulau Ubin instead?

Chinese garden is definitely a viable alternative to the gardens by the bay…

Jurong East’s malls may not be as “famous” as Orchard road, but you’d find most things there too, sans the high brand though…

Yeah we know MacRitchie is a beautiful place to be. But we also know Seletar reservoir/Jurong lake sunrises can be such a stunner too!

Inspired to find alternative yet crazily free places to visit?



“Hiking” in Singapore?

We’ve read about so many other bloggers who trek in their home countries (such as our blogging friend Curt). Now you might not believe it, but it is possible to do some hiking here in our little red dot too. Now it might not take a few days to hike across the island, but there are trails which offer reasonably good combination of sights and physical challenges.

Today however we are introducing a simpler walking route.

Yep we are sharing with you the sights and sounds of walking along the southern ridges of Singapore. Some have written about this before so we’ll skip the details except to say it connect three parks. This connector is for humans unlike the one at Eco link over BKE for those more familiar with our little red dot. It’s a link where fauna can use it as they like…

Recommended to do this early in the morning before the sun bakes you into a dried prune (or tomato whichever metaphor you prefer). It takes about 2 hours for a brisk walker to cover the distance of approximately 9km, including the mandatory stops for photos… Our start was from the Hortpark ending at the Marang trail. Along the way we enjoyed flora and unfortunately no fauna. Well, maybe the cat waiting to be fed…

Let us show you what we saw while on the walk through the ridges here. Have you walked on it before?

A UNESCO site in Singapore?

Yes. After a pretty long journey, we (ie the little red dot) have finally our own UNESCO heritage site in 2015. To be honest, it wasn’t a place that we had visited regularly. The idea actually came about in 1822 by our island’s modern founder, and it has surely gone a long way from being an experimental garden to the present day.

You see, you need to understand this. That Sir Stamford Raffles wasn’t just another colonial official. He was also a very keen naturalist and geographer. His travels had taken him all over the southeast Asian archipelago and he is credited with have discovered the world’s largest flower. Do you know what that is? Well Google it since we won’t tell you!

Our botanical gardens is not huge at 82 hectares. And we’ve been to much larger gardens elsewhere in the world. But it packs a lot of punch into that considerably compact yet well thought layout. It is an important piece in the puzzle that is our city state’s path towards a city in a garden. Did you know you can have an Orchid variery named after you? Join us here as we show you what you can see and do here in our UNESCO heritage site.

Do you love gardens? Hope you enjoyed our showcase!

Unique sights of Holland

Besides windmills and flowers, are there anything else Holland offers the traveler?

We had shared with you about the country’s castle strongholds. You would have seen a different Holland in its far south. Eating raw herring. Anything else? Why yes is the answer (of course, otherwise why would we write this – duh).

Because we save the ‘best’ for last in this series of posts about our discoveries while living in Holland for three years. Conclusion: it was too short!

Heard of stonehenge? Why there are many monolithic structures in Holland that dates back to an age that rivals its contemporaries on Brittania too. How can we forget about cheese…the Dutch have some well known ones. And they trade them in a ceremony that still continues till this day.

There are probably too many short short stories to tell of our beautiful lives during the short 3 years living in Holland. Such as how to boat on the canal, skate in winter or cycle around the countryside roads. But it was truly well spent. And if we had to live it all over again, we would not change a thing. Read all about it in the above link. It’s not the end, its the end of a beginning!

So this concludes our series on Holland. Watch out for the more stories from our journey to Taiwan in July this year, they are next!