Lake District and the northern “frontier”

This is a continuation of our reminisce – ie our blast from the past series on the UK. The last time we set foot on the UK was in 2010! But lest you think it was just 8 years ago, read on. In the last handprint post, we shared that the road trip that began in Wales.

Well now we had to make a choice.

You see back then we did not plan out an itinerary to follow. We simply rented a car, bought a motoring atlas (of the UK) and began driving making it up as we went along. Heheh… we have since progressed a long way from that!

In some ways that was exciting at that time, a few younglings packed into a rental and having the freedom to roam as they wished. On this occasion we simply drove north and made a sharp left into the lake district, incurring the admonishment of the local traffic cop as we exceeded the speed limit a little… heheh. Read about it here.

You might notice from the essay link that we pieced two parts of our journey back together. One at the lake on the way north somemore, and then back down. For you see we wanted to keep the article focused on England. To pique your interest somemore, let us tell you that Great Walls weren’t proprietary of the ancient Chinese. The Romans did the same too in the UK.

Do you know the names of the two “Great Walls” in the UK?

Roaming in Rome

You know it ain’t just spoken Chinese that have words pronouced sounding similar. We are sure as children you would have recited sang nursery rhymes. Yeah that’s the word. Rhyming and not similar. Because between the two words roam and Rome, any sentence would convey so stark meanings.

Anyway. Enough of semantics and lexicon.

Today we want to invite you to join our reminisce of the days we spent in Rome. Ah yes, the eternal city as some would call it. You might have already read about our small countries’ series – Vatican city is in there you know (here).

Coming close to the end of our 5th decade on this planet, it has been often remarked to us by our friends and family that we don’t look our age. Ok more specifically Suan does not look her age. Perhaps it was the lack of stress. But we have a theory. And it had something to do with the journey we took to Rome all these years ago.

You see, it has something to do with water. Sprouting out from somewhere to be precise. People have long yearned for fountains of youth for as far back as history will tell. Does it really exist? If so, how does it work? Can you collect some of the water and store it? Does it work with just one sip or is there a specific dosage required for its effect to manifest itself? (oops occupation hazard…).

Keen to find out? Why not look out for it in this essay? So begins our Italian reminisces… What was most memorable for you about Rome?

What’s in Orange?

No, not the fruit. But the supposed catchy title just might capture your attention. We are referring to a city in the south of France.

We are sure you know that France was not where the Romans hail from (duh you don’t know? lol). In fact, reference to a Gallic culture should give a clue that France was the domain of the Gauls. Though defeated and subjucated by the Romans, they were by no means totally assimilated. Which means the Romans had to build enclaves – colonies for themselves in this newly won lands.

Orange was one of them colonies, and it was a large settlement area too for the Romans. Who migrated there you ask? Retired ex-military we are told, centurions who are no longer in active service being granted parcels of land to farm or rent out (for farming). That’s why in the town (le commune as the French say), you will find many vestiges of Roman power widely distributed all over. Some are said to be even older than ones in Rome!

According to antiquity studying folks, it has one of the best preserved Roman theatres in the world (well the western world anyway), aside from the one in Aspendo (which we also touched). And this one is actively being used too. Because the excellent acoustics that were the requirements of the day when it was built still works today!

Now that you know a little about Orange, go on and read more here about our little traipsing all over this quaint town and tell us what do you like about it!