No, its not the place to sneeze

Machu…Picchu! Gesundheit…no, we did not sneeze and no we do not have a cold.

Tacky, probably. Silly definitely.

But at this altitude just after the rains, you’d be at risk of catching one. We were so lucky to have had two glorious days of sunshine. And as if the switch flipped, the heaven opened up just as we were on the way to the train, continue reading here.

Is Cusco >= the Mile High Club?

If you want to really get a high, the highlands of Cusco is really the place.Larco museum Erotic arts11

We are not referring to the availability of hallucinating substances! Its really about the thin air up here an altitude 3400m. Bet you know all about the MHC. No? Now here’s the Two miles club…and we’ll tell you more about it!

Continue reading here

The Lima fraternity

Lima – “in the Malay language, means the number five”, “in Latin, it is name and means goddess of the threshold”, “in Arabic it can also mean blackish”, “in radio communications, it stands for the letter L”. Yeah like “Lima Zulu hot.. alt over” aka the landing zone is under fire and we need to land the helicopter at an alternative site.

Google the word asking the question what does Lima mean and you can get the above and more.

For us, Lima it means Life Is Magical & Astounding. Because it really is. Read more here.

The Long Journey Q1-15

This was the issue from which we had just returned from a trip of a lifetime to South America (Nov-14). Specifically we had been in Peru and then on to Easter island. At that time my job took up a lot of time and it was especially hard to take leave – lest alone 2.5 weeks. Does not sound a lot, but it was tough to even get approval!

On hindsight, 2.5 weeks was probably not sufficient. But given that we had only focused on Peru (and within that only Machu Picchu, Cusco and Lima) and Easter island, it seemed to be ok. We did realize that we have missed out on a lot more in Peru, and certainly regret (now) that we did not manage to spend some more time in Chile.

Click The Long Journey Q1-2015 for the PDF.

Well, we made ourselves a promise that this “mistake” will not be repeated… At least we now have an excuse to make the trip once more. Only that we will need to start saving up for it!

Certainly the next destination in South America will include Argentina. A cruise from Buenos Aires to Santiago via the southern tip of the Magellan straits would be a real dream come through!