The MRT series – Woodleigh (NE11)

An up and coming area of re-development, actually the most iconic place Mel can think of near the station is Mount Vernon. But because it is a columbarium, it would be dis-respectful to post pictures and disturb the peace of the deceased… sorry no photos.

On the other hand, the entire place is becoming a giant construction site as new government built apartments are literally springing up. Perhaps someday when this is all completed Mel can revisit again in one of his future walks.

←Potong Pasir (NE10)

→Serangoon (NE12)

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The MRT series – Potong Pasir (NE10)

This is the name of a long standing opposition ward, though geographically it isn’t exactly in the same area as the defined constituency… you know the boundaries are redrawn because of many ‘reasons’…

Did you see the picture above of the public housing apartment with its own ski slope? Who says it can only be the Jamaican team that fields a bobsleigh team? Heheh… with a little modification don’t you think our little red dot can send a ski jumper the winter Olympics?

←Boon Keng (NE9)

→Woodleigh (NE11)

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The MRT series – Boon Keng (NE9)

The area is said to be named after Mr Lim Boon Keng, a prominent physician banker who lived through the tumult of WWII. Today the entire area is home to a sprawling housing estate.

One of the thing we like about this place is the number of old hawker centres that offer a plethora of cheap yet wonderful eats. Hmmm…. publishing this already makes us want to go there.

←Farrer Park (NE8)

→Potong Pasir (NE10)

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The MRT series – Farrer Park (NE8)

Some people in our little red dot might remember that the area was the site of an old race course. Yep, the place where horses run and folks bet from the stands. Of course that was really long ago – as local lingo goes ‘when policemen wore shorts’. Literally true because it was THAT long ago.

Anyway. Today people come here to explore parts of Little India, well at least walk to the iconic site that is Mustafa. Open 24 hours, it is one hell of an experience to at least walk in the tiny aisles.

←Little India (NE7)

→Boon Keng (NE9)

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The MRT series – Little India (NE7)

As you know, our little red dot had lots of immigrants from both China and India. Even till this day, one can still find enclaves around the world where folks hailing from these continent size of countries. It goes without saying that we should have one too!

Today our little India is vibrant. It is flavourful. We come here for our ‘dose’ of wonderful food. Will this inspire you to do the same too?

←Dhoby Ghaut (NE6)

→Farrer Park(NE8)

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The MRT series – Dhoby Ghaut (NE6)

The last post on this station we introduced you to the Istana, the heritage museum (in case you cannot access the Istana) and we told you about the dhobis. Did you remember all of that here?

Well, there is definitely more than these to look out for here. For one, the station’s mural art deserve a little more attention. Of course if that is not your thing, perhaps some shopping at the nearby Plaza Singapura can fill up your day!

←Clarke Quay (NE5)

→Little India (NE7)

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