The MRT series – Dhoby Ghaut (NE6)

The last post on this station we introduced you to the Istana, the heritage museum (in case you cannot access the Istana) and we told you about the dhobis. Did you remember all of that here?

Well, there is definitely more than these to look out for here. For one, the station’s mural art deserve a little more attention. Of course if that is not your thing, perhaps some shopping at the nearby Plaza Singapura can fill up your day!

←Clarke Quay (NE5)

→Little India (NE7)

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The MRT series – Clarke Quay (NE5)

We used to think that Clarke quay along with Boat quay further down the bend of the river was the home of too much boozing. Well not quite the sort of pub crawl one’s accustomed perhaps somewhere in the northwest corner of Europe. A little saner perhaps.

Like Boat quay the shophouses you see now were once ‘godowns’ – aka little storehouses along the river where ‘bum boats’ plied to un/load goods. This was the equivalent of our red dot’s Dubai creek!

←Chinatown (NE4)

→Dhoby Ghaut (NE6)

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The MRT series – Chinatown (NE4)

Definitely one of the places that visitors to our little red dot will need to check off a list. Today it isn’t quite the place where people live (as they did decades back), but more of a sightseeing locale for foreign tourists.

Though it is such, it is still a recommended place for visitors. There is so much colours and smells to experience. Have you been there?

←Outram Park (NE3)

→Clarke Quay (NE5)

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The MRT series – Outram Park (NE3)

The last time we shared about this station, it was on the edge of a transformation. Well, that transformation has truly began. The local general hospital will soon be more than a complex. It will become a sort of integrated healthcare ‘hub’.

Definitely as place to start your exploration of Chinatown from. But a few buildings will be missing when you get there!

←Harbor Front (NE1)

→Chinatown (NE4)

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The MRT series – Harbour Front (NE1)

This is a significant gateway to our little red dot – from the sea. Many cruise ships dock here and the mall here seems to be perpetually busy. And across the short stretch of water is the resort island of Sentosa, home to an integrated resort and lots of expensive homes.

However did you know that you can also embark on a ‘hike’ from here? Read more about what you can do here! Did you read? What do you think?

←Tuas Link (EW33)

→Outram Park (NE3)

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Islands of Singapore

Did you know that our little nation comprises of 62 islands around the main one? It isn’t only you that did not realize this. We too were plenty surprised to learn this too! Now if one were to count the countries visited, why not count the number of islands one have visited here in the little red dot?

Islands of Singapore

Granted quite some of these islands are probably not accessible even if one wishes to set foot on, how many have you been on?