What inspires you to travel?

Probably been asked many times over in posts as far as you can read. And each one of us who reads this will have differing, even if slightly differing in the motivations behind embarking on journeys.

You might know that we came to travel because mainly of work. Many years ago when we were much younger, we had the good fortune of spending quite many years outside our home country. It was during those heady days of being an expatriate that we enjoyed getting around much of central and western Europe. But even before that, we had enjoyed annual ‘pilgrimages’ of travel journeys.

That long stint abroad reinforced the passion to go see as much of the world as we can. But as you will know, one cannot continue to simply travel around with reckless abandon unless there is a trust fund waiting to fund you.

Thus our lives have become a little more “balanced” between working for a living and taking journeys as it fits the schedule. Not so easy in hectic jobs right? Absolutely! But deep inside as we read the stories of folks journeying around the world with seemingly no obligations, we feel such a sense of jealousy. Well, we had our time a little earlier…

So what’s YOUR inspiration?

Time after Time

This post was inspired after watching some re-runs on local free-to-air channels on television. Yeah, what can you expect from public broadcasting right?


The movie was ‘Jupiter Rising’. Not that we are into the details of the movie, but one of the dialogues caught our imagination. You see, the dialogue went something along these lines: “In your world, people are used to fighting for resources… like oil, or minerals, or land. But when you have access to the vastness of space, you realize there’s only one resource worth fighting over… even killing for: More time. Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe“.


We’ve often said time and again on this blog that it is but the only precious commodity that one cannot store, put away or save for later use. It ticks past you, and it’s gone. This is what inspired us to look forward to each day be it at work or play. Yeah, times will be hard at work and sometimes downright hell. But if one has to be at it, why not make it a good one?

Don’t you now feel inspired to make the most of each and every day of your life?

How much do you carry on journeys?

Everytime we make a journey, a lot of work has to be done. Evaluating and selecting clothing that we’d take with us. Thinking about the accessories and toiletries that should also be brought along…

We were inspired to write about this after reading ths post. Now you might have read of our tirade on the payment for checked luggage in the past especially on journeys across the US. And we have also shared how you can try to sneak up more as carry-on luggage here.

Perhaps we are biased, but our own observations were for a gradual decline in the amount of luggage “allowance” a passenger gets on flights over the past 20 years. Only in recent years have we witnessed a slight turnaround in our national carrier. Not that we are advertising for them, some of their peers are also doing the same. It might be that elsewhere in the world the trend remains in motion to have passengers granted less kilos…

But today we revert to the considerations in the first paragraph.

That is – to the question we posed in the title of this post. How much luggage does one carry when embarking on a journey. Sure, for shorter journeys we’d expect a lot less. But are there basic things that you will find ‘compulsory’ to bring along regardless of the length of the trip?

Transforming bad to good memories

We came across an article a couple of months back. This one’s a pseudo scientific piece in which the author investigates and suggests what and how we may transform not-so-good situations during our travels into something good. We interpret this to mean that memories that are easily recalled and pleasant.

Well you be the judge of our take on this article here.

But what we do want to focus on today is not exactly how the memories are transformed, or for that matter how. What is more important to us is that one has memories in the first place. We’ve often heard friends and colleagues with children lament that they wished they had more time to spend with the young ones. To be there to see and participate in the lives of the children. Memories no less right?

What are the most memorable things you can recall from your youth? Times spent with parents? Heheh… probably not. Perhaps with friends more! That’s why our friends seem to want to build these memories with their children to have a ‘share of mind’.

For we have said countless times here in the blog, memories are but the only “things” that remain with us. Don’t you agree?

Changing money

Reading this post some months back we were inspired to write about our experiences trying to obtain local currencies in the countries we traveled to. Now bear in mind that our little red dot has a high density of money changers. They stock currencies from around the world and can even procure some for you if you give them some lead time.

The downside though to obtaining currency notes from these changers, is on some occasions we were given old versions of notes that were no longer valid… not that the changer did that intentionally, but they too were caught unaware…

Or the other consideration that if you get damaged (not even torn) notes, most folks will not accept it for payment or exchange. This is true whether one gets the note from the home country, at airports (where they apparently rip you off) or at bureaus in the country you head to. Which makes e-payment so attractive. Some day, we will all seamlessly have access to payment platforms in the countries we visit without the need for currency notes…

Perhaps exchanges and paper notes will become mostly obsolete?

Tell us. When you travel to a foreign country, how would you like to be able to make payments? Do you prefer good ole fashion paper currency or e-payments?

Around the world in 245 days!

Heheh… not in 80 days but 3 times as long. Can you even start to imagine the amount of laundry you’d have to do to keep from smelling like the durian fruit? Happy New Year!

Can you stomach being aboard a cruise ship for almost a year? Well, if you have say £67,000 to spare (and that is per person), then this one’s surely one to put on your list… 113 ports in 59 countries. Now if you were looking for some way to increase your ‘how many countries I’ve travelled to’ count, surely this will bump up the score.

If this article (here) pricks your interest, well start saving or borrowing and make your booking. You still have some time…

It has been more than 13 years since we last set foot on a cruise ship – and the small yachts that we’ve been do not count. Eight months is a very long time. Might not be a cruise a single traveller will consider we think, but who knows? Well the comment at the start of the post about laundry wasn’t really a joke. Because the logistics of rotating clothing will be but one of the challenges. Unless one intends to buy and keep changing the OOTD, every day!

But hey!

We’re talking about a grand adventure where more than 50 countries will be touched. Sure is cost a small fortune, but it’s YOLO ain’t it?

PS: alternatively one can seek a job aboard the cruise… perhaps one cannot get off at all ports, but at least a stab at half of them?