Our private writings

We have written previously that this blog contains but a fraction of our private writings. Since the late 90s we had been writing about each of our travel journeys. In those early days we actually printed them out and bound them into volumes. Don’t believe us?

Heheh… well here’s proof:Travel logsLong Journey

You see, first we have a large collection of books. Then we have our own ‘publications’. Not that you will see them on the shelves of the nearby bookstore anytime soon though. Heheh. The only thing is that as time went by the volumes got thicker and the number of years included in each became less.


Because each story got lengthier. The transition was made from film to digital (remember this post?) and we started to dig deeper into the destinations that we touched, such as the food we ate etc… you get the picture (no pun intended)… Today we have completed three volumes that exceed 1500 pages. Volume 4 is on the way and probably due by 2021. Only folks who physically visit our home get to read these volumes and the corresponding beautiful photo albums Suan produce.

Coincidentally the name of our private volumes are the same as the recently concluded newsletter. Recently we have started a new monthly circular aptly named “New Horizons”. But it is privately circulated and not published.

As social media continues to evolve, we are beginning to witness the rise of private groups and networks that are not public. Are you catching on to that too?

Topics for travel writing

Recall our earlier post about travel topics (here) to write about? We are afterall a travel focused private blog though we do have very diverse interests ranging from financial to history & politics.

As you might have read in another post (here), one of the issues for most bloggers is the a mental ‘block’. Authors of best sellers have it, journalists fear it, and it seems bloggers will meet with this too… don’t tell us you’ve not experienced this! Of course we shared a link.

Well fret no further, for even Wiki has a link for those who run out of ideas here.

Of course the links and suggestions we have shared are but just ideas. And the creativity in you will surely morph them into something else. Something unique, with a different paradigm or focus. Good luck!

The Long Journey Q2-18

It seems that winter in the northern hemisphere had been a little unpredictable this year. Shovelling snow to clear one’s driveway is perhaps not the idea of a nice winter day… and we hope that this freakish weather is past. Spring is definitely being looked forward to right?


Dear friends,

How has the last 3 months been for you? Have you been traveling much for work? Do take care not to overwork yourself or take too many ‘red eye’ flights… we’ve laid off doing that already. Time to take it slow! We’re sure your air miles will still continue to accrue…

To be honest it had been a lean past 3 months for us. Nothing but work. Even if that means jetting a little about. And Mel had been a little under the weather too. So it had been Suan that’s been doing a little more of the heavy lifting around home. Now you take care too you hear?

Read all about our latest newsletter issue here. Hear about how we once got back to school and cooked out way out.

Journalogging how we enjoyed Bangkok

It can only be said to be a wonderful super long weekend plus plus. The same time last year we also shared with you the journalog of our little trip to the city of Angels. So this is it would not be any different.

The only difference is we’ve determined to try out a different hotel. One where our “elite” status applies. Heheh. You know the marketing tagline “rewards come with membership”… well it’s true. So those efforts of accumulating points in the same hotel chain rewards program worked. At least for us… sigh.


On this occasion we did not even made the least of an effort to do any ‘sightseeing’. Instead, we headed to look for little eating places to try out. Some at the higher end of the cost scale, and others at the opposite side. And in both we thoroughly relished in the experiences. Of course it is limited by the time we had, and how often we get to that city. So here’s our two cents worth.

What are you waiting for? Click on this link and tell us if you enjoy Bangkok’s culinary treasures too!


Land of the prophets – Part II

A few days ago (a week actually), we shared with you the start of our journey. Now, it’s time to continue on with the next segment. Because there are so many places we touched and so many photos, we have no choice. Sharing the entire journey in one page would not give it sufficient justice.

To be honest even this is not half of our own travelogue. However on the web it will be challenging to put in too much content. Audiences these days might not have the attention span we’d hope for. Besides, it was our journey and naturally we’d feel special about it. Perhaps for the reader it will feel different.

In any case, you might want to know that this segment Part II of our journey share how we crossed over to Israel from Jordan. It was not an easy crossing, which took hours. But eventually we made it through! A lot of things are misunderstood by folks from outside the region, and we cannot profess to correct them. Rather, one should have an open mind and make this journey to see it for yourself.

We enjoyed the week thoroughly, from tracing the trail of the prophets to floating on the dead sea (it was cold!). It was a fulfilling journey completing one more bucket list item. Now we can retire from traveling. LOL. Nah. You serious?  Heheh… ok no more talking to ourselves. Click in the link above and tell give us your comments!

Have you been to Israel?

Land of the prophets – Part I

You know this was an epic journey. One that for us took a few years to finally make it. Yes!! We have finally placed our handprints on Jordan and Israel. Being able check off the bucket list item was one of our dreams come through.

Million dollar step 6
Finally captured this vision ourselves!

The journey itself cannot be said to be tough, since we were protected, escorted, chaperoned and guided throughout the entire two weeks. All because we stick out like a sore thumb as Asians touring the middle east.

As you might know we started with Jordan. And in this post, we will share with you the link to part I of our captured itinerary. You know all about anticipation. Before you go and actually see a place for yourself, you have all sorts of images in your head and feelings about the place you are about to touch.

Sometimes, these feelings and images may have an anti-climatic effect when you finally get there. But not this one. For indeed Petra is as spectacular as they say, and as wondrous as it looks on IG. It was so awesome that we can only encourage you to make the same journey as we did and touch it for yourselves.

It was not a marathon, but we were determined to make the most of the time we had at the site that we almost clocked the distance. Ok. Half of it. The point being; how often is one going to be back in this wonderful location in the middle of a largely parched land? You know as we do.

Have you been to Petra? Don’t you think it is an incredible piece of heritage and history that should be protected?