Honeymooning all over again

Heheh… well you might think we are writing about us going on a second honeymoon again after being married for more than 20 years… One thing is for sure, the way we travel regularly each and every year since we’ve been hitched can surely be counted as honeymooning each time?

Anyhow, we wrote a fair number of times about honeymoons and about cherishing the people you love (here and here).

We figured it was time yet again to remind all about the importance of looking those close to your heart. Not that grandiose ideas about saving and loving earth are not important, but charity does begin at home.

You might have noticed recently that we’ve stopped responding to comments or reading blogs of other good folks. Well there are good reasons. For one thing we are really busy with a real life (of work and leisure) that we’ve not been logging into the wordpress account. Heheh… you heard that right! And that this post was actually penned sometime in December last year. Again it has been scheduled forward. We’ve been spending time cherishing each other!

Madrid over the millennium weekend

Where were you on the eve of the 21st century?

Did you recall what you did on 31st December 1999? Were you too “young” to recall anything? Heheh… we jest. You might recall that the run up to this date was full of trepidation, in the tech world and all industries impacted by it. Which was almost everything…

The “millennium bug” was a phenomena of oversight from Mel’s view as an electronics engineer. For you see, back in the early days of computing there was limited memory in electronic systems. In vey simplfied terms, to represent the years the ‘registers’ in the integrated circuits used only the last two digits. Now that worked fine in the late 80s (when Mel first dabbled with it in school), but it proved to be potentially problematic as the world hutled towards the year 2000. Will the systems recognize it as 1900 or 2000?


While the systems folks were busy ‘patching’ things up (as they still do now), Mel and Suan had dropped all of that and was enjoying the start of marital bliss in Madrid. Yep. We had flown across the world to Spain to enjoy our honeymoon. Read all about our Madrid reminisce here.

You cannot imagine how much cash we brought in case the E-payment options were knocked out… heheh… And back then the Euro was not in notes yet, just in government accounting form… so we had notes of all kinds… Do you still have the old currencies of Europe before the Euro?

So long as we shall live

One of the privileged things in life is to have found a partner and soul mate with whom one can navigate the often challenging and chaotic journey called life. And when one does so with quite some (not all) like-minded interests, that would indeed be a godsend.

We know not many enjoy the Dailymail’s content, but this link might make you shed a tear or two. It’s about how couples who have been together for decades still exhibit the same love they had for each other when they first set eyes upon each other. We’ve written about how our lives can be a honeymoon all your life (here), and till today are still traveling together as if each journey was the first we are going together.

That’s really the secret. When you feel you are on a journey with someone for the first time, you tend to be more considerate, careful to give an impression. Sort of being like on a first date. Apply that to all  your journeys together too and we are sure it will make a big difference. The trick is to keep this up!

The world is always changing, nothing stays the same. But love will stand the test of time. Cherish the life! Who sang this song?

And we extend this to our daily lives too. What are your secrets to ensuring your loving relationship stays strong?

Don’t lose your wife in Morocco

Souks, ancient markets of the near east. Noisy, funny smells and crowds. They seem to trade everything from spices to silks to slaves! At least they used to. In the Sahara, the Berbers were notorious for their pillaging the caravan trade that traverse the desert all the way to Timbuktu (it really exists in Mali, look it up) in the old days.

Today while many Berbers are settled, the souks that they gather to trade remains. By the way the featured image shows how an open souk trading horses and camels look like. Be careful not to lose your wife in the maze of the souk.

Read on here.

Honeymoon your whole life!

Married couples listen up!

Most and indeed probably all would have gone honeymooning after getting hitched. These days, the younger crowd is more adventurous. Imagine diving in Iceland (again!) to gain bragging rights that you have swam between two tectonic plates.

Back then it was mainly plain vanilla kind of honeymoon journeys. Mel and Suan thought we had it exotic traversing across Spain, Morocco and Portugal over the millenium weekend of the year 2000.

Be careful though, and do not end up like Carly, who had a real scare at the start of her dream journey.

The point of this post is this – why only consider honeymooning at the point of getting married? Why not continue with that romance beyond those initial months (and perhaps few years) of bliss?

For those with children, it seems innocent enough to say that it is hard for the couple to get away. Who says it has to be a journey away from your own country or far away? These days, staycations are vogue. Hotels and resorts in your home country may well dangle good offers that you’d find enticing. These lucky folks in them US of A and Canada have so much choices! (I like the Banff one). And we are sure there will be similar ones around your own ‘backyard’.

We did not seem to have addressed the challenge of those with kids.

As a childfree couple, it is indeed hard for us to understand. But we have heard of couples seeking help from the grandparents. Perhaps packing off the kids to an aunt? Seem to have read that somewhere before recently!

Letting go of your responsibilities is hard. We get that. This is an old post from the Huffington from 2 years back on how to keep those sparks alive. Interesting read here.

The point being, you have to take the effort to make your own time. Sure, build you memories with the kids as they grow up and figure out life. But also remember to build memories with your other half as you grow old together.

In case you do grow old and travel together, don’t end up like this story.

Fighting couples.jpg