Parks and gardens of Singapore

You might know that our little red dot is a garden city, more precisely the government wants to turn it into a city within a garden. You might have read about how our little island have linked up various parks into a walking trail that one can ‘hike’ on (here). And you might on occasion of reading our MRT series (here), come across photos of parks and gardens.

Indeed if one were to try counting how many parks/gardens we have on this island, one could get confused. Sort of like a kungfu master asking you to count mixed up brown and white rice with chopsticks… heheh. Not sure if they really do that, but some slapstick movies apparently suggest so.

But we digress.

We’re about to start exploring more of our island gardens for a new series. One that examines the parks and gardens, green spots in the little red dot. Wow. Can you imagine that? Have you counted the number of gardens and parks in your hometown?


The city in a garden

The founding father of the little red dot had a fondness for planting trees. Initiated since 1963, tree planting has been an ongoing event that has led to the gentrification of the city. No matter where you are on this island, surely there are planted trees, some of which are more than 40 years old. Even in what we call industrial estates.

So the Gardens by the bay is one more outcome of the intent to turn Singapore from being a garden city, into a city within a garden.

While some dissent, generally most would agree that the greening of the island is one of the unique attributes that sets us apart from other cities. Having green spaces in particular has always been a consideration in urban planning. On a land scarce island, this amounts to more than luxury.

While there are so many sites and posts about the Gardens by the bay, we are not competing to show the best photos or videos. Rather, we want you to see the otters here that have made the place their home. Rather it is to showcase to all who would care to read, what can be had for free.

Read here for our take on the Gardens.