Wacky Postal boxes

You’ve got mail!

In the “old” days, we used to receive letters, postcards and parcels in our mail boxes. SpongeBob mailboxNot the digital one. Real physical boxes where someone called a postman or courier will place the snail mail. Something funny for today.

← This one sure does not look like someone living in a pineapple under the sea. Though still yellow and porous and absorbant as he.

You see, they might just become antiques. Because most folks hardly send snail mail… Or worse, hardly write anymore – as in using a pen and paper. So it was a pleasure to see how some folks decorate their mailboxes here.

We especially like the Sponge Bob one. Would you live in a pineapple under the sea? And did you see the one that where the mail has to be placed through the rear end of an ass? Piqued your interest to take a peek?

Could they be destinations in themselves? When was the last time you picked up the mail from a mailbox?

Witty names & naughty cats

Just had to find some humour today.

If you had a boat, what would you call her? Curious catPerhaps here are some names you might consider. We like the boat whose owner could not decide what name to give to the vessel… take a day out with the boat? Feeling Nauti?

You might have watched the animated feature “the secret lives of pets”. And here are some cats trying very hard to get into their owner’s laptop… wonder why. Are they out to steal credit card numbers? What do you think is really happening in their heads?

It’s your case!

Something funny today finally. And it will be a short one.

You all know about luggage cases that all look the same. Some folks put on straps, others stick to using tags. Of course the more enterprising ones will use case covers. You know, the ones that strap over the luggage case. Originally intended to protect the case from scratches, one company has upped the game and determined to print case covers in your liking (read here)… heheh.

Funny case

Would you have your face printed and strapped on your luggage?

Why me? Tell me…

Yeah you. It’s called murphy’s law, or Mr Murphy. Have you ever wondered why, oh why does things happen to you? No. No we are not ranting about something bad that has occured with us. And no it’s not about the horse either…

Because today’s post first pokes fun at the tribulations one may experience when embarking on a journey. Check out these hilarious comics about the thrills and spills of traveling these days. Does any of the comics relate to your personal experiences? We found the last one to especially apt. Oh why do we have the urge to go to the restroom when the plane’s about to land?

And now we get to the serious stuff. Because it is not only air travel where you can be a little stressed.

Our postulation is this. No amount of planning will prevent or insulate one from mishaps. You might read later in our story on getting back to the cruise ship while in the Grand Caymans after a swim at Stingray city. Why of all days were there like 20 ships anchored there? Don’t they have a schedule to follow? Can you imagine if the traffic snarl would have really caused us to miss the tender back to the ship?

Did you recall this lady trying to swim to hers?

Ok that was a little extreme. If you were in the same situation, what would you do?

Mid week humour

It’s a slow week.

Just had to repost this one regardless of whether we get permission or not. Really recommend you click on the below link for some nice mid week humour. We especially liked numbers 8, 9 and 10. Number 15’s pretty good too…

Which ones did you like?


20 travel related jokes that will make you smile

via 20 Travel Related Jokes — Hardy Travel – Tips from around the world

Fancy Yoga lessons

You know when we lived in Amsterdam, we got used to what can be considered quirky events taking place in the city that it was like “so what”? Afterall we were living in AMSTERDAM! Right? So this article has got to be something you take a short read, for it demonstrates why we never tire of being in that city.

Suan goes for Yoga regularly. However she says “Darn it I will never step into a barn and do yoga”… ok you get the picture?

We normally do not re-blog, but probably worth putting in a link to this original post about our move to Holland, the Netherlands if you will. And if you do, do read the pages that are in a links of the post too. It contains little nuggets about our life in Holland, summarized into short essays telling you some of the quirks about living in this city and country. Yeah three years you know, so it’s not easy to condense! Thus, we shall not reveal too much here.

If there is one thing we can say though , it is that making the move to Amsterdam was the best decision we made. Sure it came with a nice expat package. Can’t complain about that. But it’s about the fact that we had our ‘YOLO’ moment. Many folks yearn for this we know. We were lucky. Extremely. And glad to have done it.

Yoga with goats and you can only find weird stuff like this in Amsterdam. Would this be an attraction you’d sign up for when you are in the city? Or will this goad you to move to Amsterdam?