Surfing ice walls in Tateyama

Japan is such a well ordered country. Even the ice walls in Teteyama are cut in a precise manner and at a specified time. Not early or later, more or less. Such precision exudes predictiveness. Thus our confidence to be able to pull off an 8-hour road trip to Tateyama and back to our hotel over >100km of small country roads with little GPS cover.

But it was worth it! Read more here about what we saw and did.

The drive to explore Izu

What a large serving of sashimi. And you know what? It only costs ¥2500 (barely US$30)! Not sure if you can get this quantity and quality except around here in the coastal peninsula of Izu in Japan.

A joyous road trip filled with food, sights and surprises, continue reading here as we share with you our story of being on the road in Izu…

Spa with Monkeys?

Its true. There are folks who have bathed with the monkeys in Jigokudani. We saw it on TV! How would you like to do the same?

If not, perhaps savor some of the other delights of Nagano? We certainly did. Read our journey to this fascinating part of Japan. We are sure you’ll like it.

Kelong! in Singapore

Yellow Card.jpg

Second addition to the Singapore page. A day out at the kelong!

Some will say – hey that’s not a real kelong! They are not on wood stilts!

And they are right. But you will also need to know that kelong in Singapore has another meaning – it means CHEATING! That’s right, you are being cheated into believing that what you are about to read is a real fishing platform over the sea.

So what is it that we are talking about? Continue reading

Strange but true about Japan

The last post was suppose to be the last about our Japan trip. Well this one’s not really about the trip we made but just what I read yesterday and that remained in my head for some reason. Two things:

  1. Chocolate Fries
  2. Weird festivals – specifically ‘Kanamara Maturi’

I chanced upon an article by Brittany Jones-Cooper at Yahoo! travel inspirations where she sampled some Mcfry Potato in Japan served with chocolate sauce. Brittany launches into a deep dive on the topic of taste (eg the salt with chocolate, probably on the sweet side) and the practicality of just one pack of sauce. Sure interesting read to prick your imagination if you hadn’t the chance to experience what she did.

This is one more example of how innovation is rife though sometimes awry in Japan. But you cannot fault someone from trying right? Perhaps we might see Emu burger on the menu soon?

The other was about the festivals in Japan – the weird ones as it seems. The one in specific venerates the phallus. Not sure how they turned the shrine visited by women of the oldest profession (to seek protection from veneral diseases) turned into a festival. You’d need to travel to Kawasaki to find out – it’s not too far away from Tokyo. I recommend this only if the rest o Japan fails to impress you.

Map of Kawasaki

According to Google, it is ~18 miles from Tokyo.

Surely the above is about traveling off the beaten tracks, so it qualifies as travel writing…