Compass gets you lost – seriously

Did you know that the physical north pole of our spinning blue planet is not the same as its magnetic pole? Heheh… for that matter do you know what the magnetic north is? In case you really needed it, here’s a Wiki on this subject.

If this article is accurate, then you might want to update that iPhone of yours soon.

Assuming you read the article in the link above (could be a stretch), you might recall we wrote about the alphanumeric signs painted on the tarmacs of airport runways here. Honestly, after reading this article we are not sure if we are that ‘grounded’ afterall. We mean that the earth beneath us appears to be not only dynamically moving and churning, but at a seemingly rapid clip too!

At the time of writing this post, we had read of large oar fishes (that live at a depth of 200-300m) had turned up on the coasts of Toyama Japan. Their appearances had been associated as being harbingers of impending seismic events. Coincidence or not, Mother earth surely acts in mysterious and many ways. So many things and events are interconnected.

Got you worried. Don’t be. It’s all part and parcel of living on this beautiful blue marble that spins around the golden egg that is the Sun.

Do you believe in curses?

This is an interesting article in the Huffington (here) about folks mailing rocks back to the general post office of Hawaii. If you read the article, you would know that the senders were returning volcanic rocks that they had picked up during their journeys to these pacific islands.

Why? Pele’s curse. Nope, not the footballer for those who know. LOL…

There is no deity in the Hawaiian islands with this name. Corrected: Pele is the Goddess of Fire and Lightning (thanks Lucy for sharing this). Do visit her at lovefoodwith lucy because we share a common love of food! Heheh.

It’s supposedly just a legend that if you take any sand or rock away from the islands, bad luck will befall upon you. Perhaps these folks had found out about the “curse”, or they had really encountered a series of unfortunate events? In any case we wrote about what ‘bad’ tourists and travelers bring home with them (here). Tsk tsk we hear you…

What we like to bring home with us aside from the usual tourist souvenirs would be pictures, photos and memories of the journey. As we recount the year, there were many striking instances that leave deep impressions upon us, but none of which will cause us anxiety such as that of Pele’s curse!

Maybe for Fengshui sake we might need to re-arrange the furniture a little…LOL. Hey but for some folks this is serious business and may lead to bad luck if they don’t observe the customs. Not a curse perhaps but close enough. Who wants bad luck?

Have you any similar stories to share about taboos that tourists should look out for?

Over the water “bungalows”

It was this article that piqued my interest to pen today’s post. Yes this link is already some time back and old news. The purpose of the post today is to relate an experience that we learnt about such – over the water “bungalows” or suites.

Some years back, we had journeyed to the Maldives for a 2nd occasion to enjoy the azure blue waters of the atolls. The resort that we booked was in one of the outer atolls, which meant that we had to fly via sea plane for about an hour to get to our destination.

The resort had suites on an atoll island (landed) and over the water with beautiful views of the corals (what’s left after construction anyway). We had opted for the “landed” suites and decided one day to take a boat ride to visit the over water suites (it was separated from the atoll island). When we arrived, we realized that the sun was beating mercilessly on these suites.

Velavaru MapSince there are no trees or natural shade, there was no solace from the drenching sun. It was just past noon when we had gotten over to these overwater suites. You can see from the satellite photo that the over-water suites are nakedly exposed to the elements.

As we walked on the wood floorboards, we could feel the radiated heat coming off them!

Not sure how many can imagine this, but in tropical Singapore it is the same with the asphalt roads and concrete pavements. In the early evening, the heat emantes from the ground. We are sure that folks from temperate regions will experience this in the summer too.

See the contrast?

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That dawned on us why our “landed” atoll island facilities were always full of people! Not that there aren’t similar facilities at the over-water suites. Really nice photos that appears to symbolize luxury travel, there just isn’t any shade…

So how did we enjoy our own journeys to luxurious paradise? Continue reading here.

Before you dash off to book that dream holiday in a suite over water, reconsider!