Large Tarmac letters

Have you ever wondered what those large numbers on the airport tarmac is all about? Street signs perhaps? Well, that’s close. Today’s post is a short one. Because we feel you need to click on this link and watch the short youtube video.

It’s a marvel to learn a few things about geography.

So after reading the article you will know what the numbers mean. For those who did not click on the above link (tsk tsk), they are representations of cardinal directions between 0° to 360°. But it is truncated. Thus if an aircraft’s compass is not working, the pilot can still tell in which direction his/her plane is approaching the airport.

Now you see why they paint the numbers so large… the better that they can see you be seen so said the big bad wolf article… And hopefully now it makes sense to you why there are letters on the tarmac.

But we are not only sharing with you what we’ve learned about these markings and numbers. Recall our post on the language of pilots? Flying is still a complex business, and we are not referring to the business of running an airline. The control of a complicated aircraft with millions of moving parts all coordinated by software is the deal we are talking about. You will come to read our take on the advent of pilotless aircraft in a future post.

Think about that for a moment. No pilot. If that happens, will we still need the large letters on the tarmac?

Delayed gratification


What a day! Thought that we would be home tonight snuggling in our own bed in a toasty 28°C…but noooooo…..we are sneaking into bed in the Golden Phoenix hotel that is 10 minutes’ drive from Beijing airport. Why??? Because the bad fog in Beijing this morning delayed the originating flight into Harbin and caused our flight out of Harbin to be affected. Well, the experience that we had said we did not have thus far has FINALLY happened to us!

So much that we missed the connecting flight in Beijing!

How now brown cow?

Well, fortunately it has become law in China that carriers are mandated to put affected passengers from flight delays at hotels and ensure that they are fed and cared for until the alternate flights arrangements can be sorted out.

Dinner with Dan Dan aand family11.jpg
Blessing in disguise?

And this law came into effect on 1-Jan-2017. What luck! Thus 28 travellers trudged through the terminal with their luggage and carry-on to the biting cold for a coach ride to the 3-star hotel for the night.

Fortunately for us, this gave an opportunity to meet up with friends in Beijing, so we actually had Beijing duck for dinner…hmmmm.

So this set us thinking (as we were waiting at the airport earlier today),

  • What recourse would there be for claiming against travel insurers?
  • And for what can that be?
  • Will we still be entitled to claiming compensation given we had airline response re the above?

Do you have such experiences yourself?