Spa treatments that give you a high?

About 18 months ago we wrote about getting a high from cuisine (here). In that article we shared how opioid use in cuisines are being legalized in some parts of the world. Well, it seems that we are progressing beyond desserts and even into the world of spa treatment.

On a related subject of being ‘high’, some folks find other forms to achieve it.

But today we are not referring to the use of substances which we abhor, but to achieve wellness through natural means. Such as soaking in nutrient rich warm waters and absorbing the goodness that nature has bestowed upon us. Good eh? You will know that good health is first and foremost before anything else. No health surely leads to a path of ill wealth etc.

Enjoy Spa? Well we do. As often as we can when we are in Japan we will frequent these public baths where the rich waters from the depths of the earth can be enjoyed. Do you get a high from spa treatments?


Summertime in Tokyo

This is almost an annual thing.

Suan tags along with Mel on one of his journeys to Japan for business. Now accruing the airmiles to do this is not an easy task. Besides concentrating our spending onto one credit card, Mel also have to be conscientious to save the miles for each flight so that Suan may tag along should her miles be not enough… and you might have read our previous rants about it here and here.

And this time we did not sojourn outside of Tokyo for there was no time.

So what’s a girl to do when she had all the time in the world during an entire week? No prizes for guessing… but yes the shops were all fair game. Fortunately there were two weekends, so poor Mel was roped in to ‘help’. There was a lot of holding the shopping bags and swiping the card (till it was red hot), but interspersed within are hours of culinary pleasure too… remember we said eating is an integral part of our every journey?

In our previous sharing of time spent in Tokyo (here, here and here), you might recall all the pictures of food, shops, stuff…. how will it be different this time? We’ve prepared a slide show for you. Enjoy!

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We know quite some readers love to travel to Japan. Would you prefer Tokyo over other cities?

Food tour of 张家界

Since we are on a roll here with food posts, here’s one that also happens to be a handprint story.

Perhaps you’ve not read our journalogs (two parts) on the journeys we made to the “avatar” inspiring landscape of Zhang Jia Jie (张家界) here. And so we tell you, you’ve missed out! LOL. But today’s post is not about the beautiful landscapes that you missed because misty days made us miss some too.

Rather, we want to share with you the incredible food journey we experienced while journeying through the misty lands that seem to be forever (at least when we went) shrouded in mystery…

Really you ask? What can there be in them mountains?

From strange looking edible fungi to tuber that is medicinally sought after, such are the wonders that nature produces. Could this be the reason that the sages of yore went to the mountains to seek out the meaning elixir of life? Perhaps. But more important is that the loss of such habitats is irreversible. Which is why we are advocates of conservation and a limit to development. Through land use intensification coupled with adequate infrastructure for living and playing, we can save these bastions of natural pharmacies alive!

Such were some of the meals that infused these local ingredients into both a feast to the eyes and the stomach. Because eventhough there were only two of us, we still got the usual many course meals. It was hearty indeed for every day we are surprised.

Take a read here and whet your appetite to make the same food journey. Wouldn’t you like to visit the land of the avatars?

Cuisine that gives you a high

We say that gastronomy is one of the important aspects of any journey. To us anyway. As you might have read in our posts and journalogs, we make it a point to test out the local food scene wherever it is possible. While we are no connoisseurs, we do give our reviews of dining establishments. So we wonder if we would be too “high” to remember anything should we dine in some of the restaurants in LA if this article is really true.

So Amsterdam wake up! Los Angeles is catching up with you in legalizing “soft” drugs. And they are putting it into food too!

There has always been approved medicinal use for marijuana in the US. But what we refer to is how it has been sneakily upping the game with “weed” resturants! If you did not read the article, be assured that it is all rather fancy and pricey too. No back of the alley kind of thing. At least for now. More affordable “finger” food events are available for those who seek an introduction to such dining experiences. Intrigued?

While we are not proponents of loosening the stance against the misuse of drugs, we are also cognizant that abuse can happen in a host of other substances too. Just as consuming too much sugar can also be detrimental to one’s health, one cannot blame the substance alone. It cannot defend itself against your arguments! We should focus instead on ensuring people are educated about its use.

Like DUI, don’t drive after you’ve had a meal in such a restaurant. The author described how the “high” he felt. Being behind the wheels feeling this way would be risky for both driver and everyone else in the car and on the road too.

Come January 2018, will you flock to LA like how neighbouring Europeans go to the Netherlands for an opiod fix?