Ode to Busan, the journalog

We had been mulling long about how to present our recent journey to Busan.


Because it included quite some time and adventure in Seoul, we have decided to separate them. This means our Seoul adventures will be shared with you in the form of a story instead of a journalog. Awe we hear you say… but it’s for your own good. The journlog for Busan itself is heavy reading!

If you noticed, we like to present our journeys all in one page, and not cut them into separate days. So this post is NOT the journalog…

Well, you would have read about how we gate-crashed a traditional Korean wedding (read here) and nearly had a free wedding lunch.

Seoul was fantastic as usual (though first rainy and later cold…). But that did not stop us from enjoying a refreshing (oooh!) flower ice cream. Eating (well biting) each “petal” while shopping in Myeong-Dong is definitely the way to go!


Oh how shall we describe you? The best analogy we can make is the comparison between Tokyo and Osaka.

Aliens! Run for your lives!

That’s how we felt Busan differs from Seoul. While some might say that’s not quite accurate, it was our experience in both cities that led us to make this conclusion. And it’s not like either one city is better, just different. Each city and locale will have its own flavors no?

While in BusanSeoul (how did this end up here?), we were captivated (not captured) by aliens that seem to be walking back to their spaceship. We (they) come in peace, we hope! Obviously this para came to the wrong post…hehe

Most of all important news is, we had a delish meal of puffer fish when in Busan. You know the type that is poisonous if not prepared correctly? Well, we lived to write and tell you the story. Read all about it!

We need some feedback: do you think,

  • it is better for us to present the journalog in a page form here.
  • or would it be easier for you to read in its original PDF form here.

Tell us!