And Now, the end is near

Indeed, we did it our way. You might have read about us (here). And we mentioned that in life we did it the way we liked. Not necessary the outrageous but not exactly the conventional either.

When we started this blog just over three years ago, we were full of energy churning out a post every alternate day. In fact, you might have read about us scheduling posts ahead – sometimes months ahead… (including this post). Yep, that was the amount of energy and commitment we put into this.

But you know situations change.

And just like how fashion trends come and go, new fads and attractions come up. So the new focus in our lives is to concentrate on the last hurrah to accelerate our quest to be financially independent. We had touched on this subject on occasion, but it gets more ‘urgent’ as one hurtles towards the sixth decade of their lives. Yeah, cost of living is going to be higher and career cycles shorter. Time to sharpen those claws and go hunting. And strengthen the streams of income we have outside of having to labour away everyday.

But we are not stopping our writings. You might have read our earlier post that we do an enormous amount of it. Just that ~98% are not shared. Because we are also too cheap to buy space with wordpress to load all of our precious writings and pictures. Plus now that we have a renewed focus, our energies are channelled in another direction.

So it’s not really goodbye as the picture below might suggest, but farewell. Hopefully some the words in our past posts do not fade away for you.



Travel Blog topics

When you first started out blogging, what grandiose plans did you have? Or was it all spontaneous creativity that you believed you had that prompted you to make the leap into blogosphere? Did you have a plan at all?

A number of weeks back, we touched on the subject of writer’s block (here). Somewhere in that post, it was postulated there were a few reasons for the blockage and some ways to overcome them. We also shared how we seem to have an endless supply of posts which is published every 2 days (more often too if we wanted). And it does not include photos only posts… that’s for our instagram account. Even though we are actually very actively working folks. Very. We emphasize that.

So today we are continuing that conversation with the thought of having pre-prepared topics. Sort of like meals ready to eat. Simply heat. Wow, did you see that slogan coming? Would you consider any of the ideas Sabina wrote about here?

Of course one needs to be more creative than simply copying these topics. Remember we also said previously that the things you love to do the most can be an endless source of inspiration and creativity? Well, the trick is to make it so. Tweak these topics to suit your own interest and come up with your own list. Expand them as you go along. Be observant and write your thoughts down. Some of them can be topics too!

Before long, we are sure you will not only have your own reservoir of topics and ideas, but also some to share with others!

Blogger’s block

We’ve all heard and read about writer’s block. That’s the time when you seem to run out of ideas when you sit in front of the laptop. We are sure you have experienced this on occasion. The feeling of loss and seeming blank you draw…

There are actually posts about why you have writer’s block. Perhaps some of them are scientific while others are sort of dodgy. And if you Google it, these are some of them:

  • You’ve Lost Your Way… heheh
  • Your Passion Has Waned. It happens… yup
  • Your Expectations Are Too High… trying to earn money from blogging?
  • You Are Burned Out… stress?
  • You’re Too Distracted… too much other things to think of?

Think this was from a writer called Jane Friedman.

So how is one to get back into inspiration? Again if one trawl the web, there are quite a list of methods such as:

  • Going for a walk (it actually helps in our view)
  • Eliminate distractions (eg put yourself in a quiet room?) Nah
  • Do something to get your blood flowing… ?
  • Play… (hmmm wonder what that means)
  • Change your environment
  • Read a book (which always helps)
  • Free write (heard of it?)
  • Listen to music (yeah why not use the lyrics as inspiration?)

One reason we seem to post every 2 days is because most if not all of the posts are scheduled well ahead. How do we have so many posts? For one thing we have a few running series – such as our handprint stories from journeys past. And then there is the MRT series… and then…

Most important, we actually draft numerous half complete posts with just the title and some sentences, whenever we hit an inspiration. That way, we can come back to them later and “fill” them up. But our secret is in short posts – not much more than 300 words and usually around 250 words unlike this one. Short, sharp and impactful where possible.

Also, we sort of turn back to food when we run out of ideas… because that’s something we really like – to eat that is… heheh. For us, the things that one likes a lot is always a source of ideas and creativity. Don’t you think so?

PS: you might notice we are not active on WP anymore. It’s like a phase in life. Sometimes one get all excited over this ‘new’ thing. When something else comes along, well… anyway the pre posts continue, just less interaction hereon…

Can you make money from blogging?

Heheh… This post can either be extremely very short, or it could be a windy one. As in a long and winding road, nothing to do with the wind that might ruffle your hair. Wow. Making money from just spinning content onto blogosphere. A dream perhaps?

Anyhow. Can you?

Can one write blog posts and strike it rich? We mean rich from the sense of being remunerated for the words that one strikes on the keyboard. It all sounds so simple isn’t it? And there will be no shortage of bloggers out in the world wide web that purports to be that person. Yep, the one who is successfully making a good living out of bluffing blogging… and/or running an online business… where have you read about this before?

We on the other hand have been paying to blog.


You see, we opted for the “premium” plan with wordpress because we extremely dislike (politically correct form for ‘hate’) ads that appear on web pages. So to save you dear reader from being distracted by that ad, tempting you to look for a boyfriend or girlfriend online we pay a price for it… how gracious of us right? Heheh. But as you would have noticed a few months back, we stopped doing so… hence those pesky ads might have started…

Back to blogging for money.

With the “clutter” of blogs and websites out in the web these days. Is it that easy to capture an audience beholden to the words of a false prophet social influencer? Have you secretly wished that you are that blogger that earns a nice living from just writing?

Traveling = the wicked contagious disease

With a post title like that, darn sure it should attract some attention. If not, well; when you fail, pick yourself up and try again. For failure is the mother of success, says some Chinese proverb… yeah. Right.


If you’ve picked up on reading this post, you’d either be curious (the cat) or agitated (the dog). Essentially we place you in these two categories (labels)… it just came out of the grey matter so don’t ask why.

Back to the matter at hand.

Some months back (last September to be precise), we reminisced about our journey to the caves of 九乡 (here) in Yunnan China. And we were engaged in a conversation with a wombat (heheh read more him here). Somewhere in that exchange, we concluded that travel seems to be a disease. An affliction that can apparently be chronic. Ooooh…

Now it used to be a disease for the wealthy, you know the likes of gout, hypertension… and appears also to be something that infects older folks as they retire. You know, have some money, go travel to see the world. In recent years though… it has spread. An epidemic if you will. And it has reached the far corners of the world. Ok so we exaggerated. So what? We sincerely believe many out there will agree. If not post a comment and we can debate ok?

Our story is one of catching this bug when we came out of college (if you’ve read our about section). And for over a quarter of a century we have spent so much money seeking treatment in an attempt to finally rid ourselves of the virus that has turned us into ‘travombies’. Everyday when we have time we’d be searching the web for the next journey, the best deals… mostly in the night though because we seem to be perfectly normal folks in the day when at the office…

Maybe if we finally touch Antarctica we would be cured once and for all.

Are you one of them travel zombies (aka ‘travombies)? How can you be treated? Do you think you can ever be cured? Tell us!

Last lights

You know some people say that when you run out of ideas on what to blog, you start to write about what is seemingly mundane. But before you write this post off (no pun intended), take a minute to scan through what we have to say.

For us the whole centrality of blogging is around two things. Yes just two:

  • Journeys and Memories
  • Interaction, with people around the world

The source of our blog posts can come from travels, excursions, adventures or explorations. It definitely comes from family, friends and your wider social circles too (aka our newsletter). So one should not neglect them. We have said that it is important to cherish what you have, for time is but the only commodity in life that cannot be stored for later use. You can try to save time, maximize the use of time or work against time. But there is no bank account, no cookie jar that can store it! Or perhaps we are wrong about that? Can you “catch” a specific moment of time and store it?

So what is this post about?

Why memories of course!

Of what you may ask? Is it mundane? Nooo. It’s memories of the beautiful sunsets that Mel & Suan shared, while on our journeys across the spinning top that revolves around the star we call the Sun. Snapshots of time, stored away eternally we hope.


Tell us what sunsets have you enjoyed together with your loved ones?