Cool public housing pictures

Well, it seems that public housing in Hong Kong has in recent times become another aspect of attraction if you read this article. It is said that more than half of the special administrative region’s population lives in such housing. As you probably imagine, this is such a juxtapose from the glitzy skyscrapers and beautiful buildings in the business centre of the city.

Deja vu.

Now we in the little red dot too have public housing that supposedly house 80% of the population. Like those in Hong Kong, they were built to house the homeless masses in the 1960s that were living in squalid conditions. The difference though, is that the public housing in our little red dot is not only owned by their residents, but also maintained to such a standard that one might mistake them for privately built flats…

Ok, well not all of them. The older ones do resemble those in Hong Kong, but they are regularly spruced up with renovations or augments. All efforts made to ensure living conditions are not compromised and neighbourhoods degenerate into slums.

You might have seen that we are in the midst of the MRT series (here). Every week we post about the neighbourhoods around each of the stations. Invariably this will include glimpses of public housing clusters. Look out for them!

Have you visited the red dot’s public housing too when you were here?

Crazy Rich Singapore

Yeah, heheh… tapping on a movie that has since long been screened and forgotten we think… But we aren’t really referring about richness in a material sense of our little red dot. Well yes we are on second thought. The richness of places one can come and see, fill albums online or offline etc.

Many have written about the scenes cut out from the movie and how you might be able to get there and feel the vibe of the actors/actresses as they script out the movie. Inspired by one such post (here), we’ve decided (well actually this post was penned in August last year) to show you even better versions of the places depicted in the movie.

If you think Marina bay is cool, then the Marina barrage is cooler. Why? Because it hold water! LOL

Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown or Newton hawker center scenes pales in comparison to the real hawker centers out in the heartlands…

Some might think Fort Canning is such a historic place to visit. But did you you know Labrador park too have them too?

To be honest there isn’t much to gawk at in Sentosa cove. The southern ridges offer far better views.

Peranakan houses depicted in the movies you might not be able to access. The shophouses here at Little India and the vicinity around you can actually buy stuff in and feel the realness.

Instead of getting to the shipyards, why not venture to a Kelong near Pulau Ubin instead?

Chinese garden is definitely a viable alternative to the gardens by the bay…

Jurong East’s malls may not be as “famous” as Orchard road, but you’d find most things there too, sans the high brand though…

Yeah we know MacRitchie is a beautiful place to be. But we also know Seletar reservoir/Jurong lake sunrises can be such a stunner too!

Inspired to find alternative yet crazily free places to visit?



Hong Kong, we love Hong Kong

So the promotional song goes. Not sure if it is official. But if you really like the song, then here’s a youtube link to one of the many (here). It’s kindof catchy to some, cheeky to others. Ok, so the song starts off with Kowloon (九龍). Though the original cessation was just the island, it was extended to Kowloon in 1860.

And that was where we came into Hong Kong for the first time so many years back. For the international airport was located on the western side of Kowloon. So many years, planes flew screeching over shanty towns on the way to land until it moved further away to free up prime real estate. Yeah… it’s all about the money.


So we come to our handprint story of Hong Kong. To be fair, we’ve been to the SAR (special administrative region) many times over the course of the last three decades. And there is much to speak about how the former british colony has transformed since that time. It is not our place to speak of whether it was for better or worse. But it has certainly changed.

So our story here, would hopefully give you a but tiny glimpse to this Pearl of the orient located at ironically the end of the Pearl river delta. Bear in mind, it is not a travel advisory, but more of a what we can show in a page thing.

Do you ♥♥ Hong Kong?

We have to return to Slovakia

Yes we have to!

Because the last time we were there – it was only a drive through and we had stopped at Banska Bystrica for lunch. Now back in the day (late 90s) there was little in terms of knowledge of the attractions in most of the former Eastern Europe bloc of countries that had been under former communist regimes. If any literature available it was not accessible from way out here in Asia. Well at least not as far as we tried… perhaps we did not try hard enough.


The pit stop included a short photo opportunity of a castle, literally from the side of the road. Yep the coach just stopped. Tourists got off, took a few snaps and up they went and continued their way. That was us included. Sigh.

We’ll share what we’ve managed to see here anyway, however short and little it is. Have you been to Slovakia? What would your recommend us to see and do?

A bohemian experience

Heheh… what would be a bohemian experience? To be a bohemian means to be living an unconventional lifestyle. Usually this is associated with the arts (literary or not) or spiritual. So are we referring to this today?

Well no.

Simply because that would be a topic too complex for us un-bohemian folks. For we do not subscribe to a lifestyle that defies standard definitions. Oh boring us… heheh. For this describes our journey to the Czech republic, specifically to the historical Bohemia part of it that Prague is located. It is such a beautiful city and we can only exhort you to take a look at the grainy pictures we have in this little essay here.

Did you read the article?

Well to pique your interest further, let us tell you that part of the story of Bohemia is intertwined with the story of another family aside from the Habsburgs. Did you read our piece on micro states of Europe? One of them mentioned Liechtenstein. And in Bohemia will one find connections that link the modern day princely family back to medieval times.

Have you been to the Czech republic or Prague? We did not rub the statue of St John on Charles bridge. Ironically, it could be what we did not do that takes us back to the city! Have you rubbed the statue? Do you think it will ensure you return to the city?

Descend into the 18 levels of hell

Been to hell and back before? And if we told you that it is possible would you believe us? Yeah sure we’ve all been through “hell” before. Those who performed time in the armed services might tell you of ‘hell week’. Those going through their finals (exams) will share with you their weeks of ‘hell’ swoting for it. And then there are those at work who might swear that the week they just had was like ‘hell on earth’…

But today we are not talking about these metaphorical forms of hell.

We are referring to a place in our little red dot where you can get a good preview of what it would be like to be a soul that has been banished to this supposed pit of eternal suffering in the afterlife. At least from the view of the ancient Chinese…

And none other than at the Haw Par Villa will you find the portal to this surreal world. One where you will be fortunately just an observer. And hopefully you will come out all wiser about the virtues of being a good person. Aside from avoiding being put through eons of torture… there are true moral lessons to be learnt too.

And so we continue finally onto this next instalment of our introductions to the sights of Singapore. Interested to know more? Well click on the above link and be hyperlooped there. You’d wish this was not an escape game if you were ever to be stuck there… the only upside? It’s free.

Have you experience anything like this anywhere else in the world?