There’s wildlife in Singapore?

Yes. There is wild life in Singapore. Not the all night binge drinking type (well yeah that exists too) but the kind that lives in the natural environment. I mean the kind that is not bipedal. You know what I mean right?

No worries. If you did not understand nor thought to, just click here and read all about the wild life that exist alongside the urban sprawl in the little red dot. You will know that Sir David Attenborough made a documentary about the wilds of Singapore recently…that’s why the alligator (eh or was it a croc) is the featured image for this post.

(un)Fortunately, I did not get to see more of them.

That one’s just a tiny baby. But wait! If such juveniles are around, it meant something larger had laid eggs for them to hatch? Hmmm…

Do they really delay flights because of this?

Sometimes you wonder if there is something that is wrong with the plane when there is a delay of the flight. But did you know that it is not always a technical issue? If this article is to be believed, airlines actually consider the coffee machine critical; ie to be in working order before the plane can fly??? Better yet, recently a Lufthansa flight turned back hours after it was on the way because a coffee machine could not be turned off.


You really learn something new everyday.

Ok scroll to the part that says : “I don’t drink the coffee unless I know the water’s coming from a bottle”. Err, things that make you go hmm? Now this article really made me think about asking for cofee on a flight. In fact, I am likely to get paranoid about even the hot water that is used to make tea…

Being a reasonably frequent flyer, I am beginning to suspect that each time I get a little under the weather after a business or leisure trip, it could have been caused by the water I drank on the flight? Sure, jet lag + work or the food may have contributed but water is surely one of the bigger cause?

Not to sound alarming, but now that you know this does it induce you to think again?