The MRT series – Farrer Park (NE8)

Some people in our little red dot might remember that the area was the site of an old race course. Yep, the place where horses run and folks bet from the stands. Of course that was really long ago – as local lingo goes ‘when policemen wore shorts’. Literally true because it was THAT long ago.

Anyway. Today people come here to explore parts of Little India, well at least walk to the iconic site that is Mustafa. Open 24 hours, it is one hell of an experience to at least walk in the tiny aisles.

←Little India (NE7)

→Boon Keng (NE9)

Part of the MRT series here.

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

2 thoughts on “The MRT series – Farrer Park (NE8)”

  1. Mustafa has always been synonymous with budget-friendly souvenirs from the Lion City – a dime a dozen for keychains, fridge magnets, and more. (Of course, I mean this figuratively; knick-knacks at Mustafa don’t cost S$0.10 haha!)


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