Lost towns?

Technology and urbanization. Now these two words might not seem to be very linked to each other, but we tell they are so. Because from our view, technology’s advancement is one of the developments alongside urbanization. True that there are many other factors for growing urban living, but today we are not debating this.

As the title of this post suggest, we are focused on towns. Villages if you will. Some months back we read this article about the dying towns of Italy (our interpretation). An interesting read if we may recommend.

Oh how we identify with this trend. The gradual and sometimes fast moving changes that decimate depopulate towns of people, mostly youths leaving to seek their fortunes in the big city. We’ve seen this in Japan, China and to much extent in countries such as Thailand and Cambodia too. Towns being “absorbed” by megacities as they grow fat large. We’ve seen almost entire towns inhabited mostly by elderly folks. And as these folks pass on, so does the towns that once bustled with life. And a loss that is not just people but also culture, heritage and traditions.

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing…. so goes an old song.

The article cited above also spoke about rejuvenation. And not just as specks of attractions that see thousands in the day and fall into still silence in the night. We’ve stated out view on how we’ve witnessed to much loss while living in China.

When will we ever learn?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

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