Your personal drone photographer

Oh juxtapose once again.

There are luxury travel companies offering packages that takes drone videography of your journey (read here) in the name of seeing where they’ve travelled from a different perspective. And back on the ground, there would be professional shooters photographers to assist in taking selfies of you (and your partner), without the hassle of you doing it yourself. Yep, no more selfie stick or stretching your hands out…

You see, this touches so many topics. We’ll just comment on three.

For one, it seems not only wedding couples are getting feted for such treatment these days. Though yes you do pay for them. No need for selfies? Heheh, normally Mel & Suan asks someone’s help to take a photo when possible. It’s free by the way. You just need to return the favour if requested. Nope it may not end up with a professional looking photo, but do you really want a photographer following you all over? Ok, ok some do relish the attention…

And those drone photos and videos. How would you know if those were really your journey(s)? Could had been edited seamlessly and easily these days…LOL. Hey, if Mel can cook edit, so can you! Seriously we don’t think anyone remembers Martin Yan, hence you are not likely to find that funny…but we digress. You might have read about our post on drone photography here, guess it will be a little challenging to get that kind of photos with a drone. Perhaps one day there can be an under-water drone that helps divers take photos like the one taken for us (by a diver) in Okinawa of a whale shark.

Finally, the ones who call themselves “travellers” are going to see red on this one. Camera (phone) toting tourists jamming up the streets, not appreciating local culture and norms already creep these folks out. Now, you have an entourage? OMG. Someone’s gonna have a heart attack! LOL.

Would you fork out the $$$ and sign onto these tour packages?

Author: Mel & Suan

Mel works his day job for a living, but lives for antiquities, history and geography at all other times. He enjoys writing and thought sharing and obviously traveling. Suan is a homey person, who like girlie stuff such as cross stitching etc. Enjoys shopping & modeling for Mel. What a match!

19 thoughts on “Your personal drone photographer”

  1. Apart from the fact that it would be terribly expensive, personally, I cannot imagine having a professional photographer shadowing me, it would simply spoil my traveling experience:) However, I think its a great idea for engagement & wedding shoots.

    Thumbs up to a top post there:)

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  2. Oh, yeah, yeah! I’ve always dreamed of having paparazzi following me around and making me look all important and rich. Lol! I think it’s an unnecessary expense. And if you’re rich and can afford, why not travel with your PA, butler, and the like. Haha!

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  3. Having professional photographers follow you around for just a regular vacation is odd in my opinion lol. For those that want a drone to follow them around, there’s actually a wearable drone being created that flies off your wrist called nixie. It will probably be super expensive when it comes out

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  4. Actually, there is already an autonomous diving drone that follows you and captures beautiful footage, hands-free. They call it iBubble 🙂 If I could afford it, I would certainly buy one. I tried bringing a gopro on few of my dives and I have to say, it can be difficult to shift your view between the actual scenery and the camera’s every now and then. Plus, capturing your own videos or even photos underwater can take up a lot of air just to navigate through. So, I guess what I’m saying is, this is probably one of the best inventions there is, underwater photography wise.

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    1. Oh wow. Did not know about that. iBubble….nothing to do with Apple we hope. We think there will always be a limit to what the average folk can do. It is romantic an idea to think that we all can create professionally looking products.


  5. I actually had no idea this was a thing and I’m kind of laughing at the idea. I think the traditional asking someone to take a picture works fine! If I’m really worried about the quality I’ll take a test shot of how I want the photo framed and show it to whoever I’m asking for the favor of taking the photo. Sometimes, I try to find someone carrying a professional camera, assuming they’ll do a good job, works some of the time!

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  6. Interesting thoughts..I’m not sure if I would have a professional photographer follow me around all the time. Might be nice? I’m not sure though because I sure don’t have the money to afford that !

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    1. Well, according to the article it wasnot for the super rich alone but for couples who are either taking their wedding photos etc too. We are sure it is expensive…lol…having an entourage but it might make one feel like Kim K for a day.


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